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Lightning Tendrils – created by ChopsToChapo. Budget, all content Duelist – created by Ygorl. Cyclone – created by fatfat Duelist – created by WaffleT. Sunder – created by luci Witch – created by KellogZ. Kinetic Blast – created by thi3n. A curated bundle of games sent to your inbox every month.

Blade Flurry – created by kira Requires Level 68 , Str, 99 Int. Spoiler No, actually not! Glacial Hammer – created by cowpimp. In Path of Exile: Ranger – created by Noskill. Requires Level 68 , Str, Int. Jan 13, , 6:

Double Strike – created by grindst0ne.

POE Responsive Forum

Tectonic Slam – created by guggelhupf. Ball Lightning – created by WWWilliam. Same goes for shrines!

Winter Orb 3xCurses Inqusitor!!! Caustic Arrow – created by DankawSL. Cremation – created by Dunadein. Blade Flurry – created by kira Tectonic Slam – created by idontwinitsk. The First One bared its fangs and savoured its final breath.

Just use cclone, don’t try to argue. Be careful with Allies Cannot Die Mod on Totem or Rare Mob – you will lag a bit when cycloning through large packs of mobs which can’t die! Ice shot barrage poison Ranger – Mainskill: Vaal Storm Call – created by Eathb. Ice Spear – created by LepreConMan. Ice Nova – created by henry Spectral Throw – created by Xe0z.


Scion Builds – Betrayal League – Path of Exile

Preview of the Updated Soundtrack in Path of Exile: Budget, all content Duelist – created by Ygorl. Vortex – created by xpmrz. Arc – created by xRyvenn. Everything will shatter away!

Righteous Fire – biuld by rhah.

Elemental Hit – created by zhenyaowen. Anger – created by Xsocist. Power Siphon – created by Suicidexlara. Vortex – created by beorn2s.

Surgeon’s Quicksilver Flask of Heat. Morbid Stride Goliath Greaves. Scorching Ray – created by DeMiGodking Arc – created by Cyrix Righteous Fire – created by lucksickle.

[2.1] Map Destroyer ST/Cyclone Cast on Crit – real clearspeed BEAST

League Starter, Deathless Uber Elder. We still use cyclone for Single Target but i cry my eyes out while using cyclone as a clearing skill, because: Vortex – created by Varvarel. Frost Blades – created by Kyoshiro Cremation – created by fun.

This is an amazing part in my build Perfect setup. Tectonic Slam – created by s0uless FB for more crit multi, maligaro’s if you feel like you crit not so often and attack not so fast rare gloves if you have problems with capping your resists Helmet Spoiler Rat’s Nest.


Morbid Ward Shagreen Tower Shield. Arc – created by SodaPop9. Ancestral Warchief – created by WaffleT.

Bladefall – created by Meleespeedorcastspeed. Skull Turn Ruby Ring.