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I read Sean’s review and I must say that I have mixed feelings about the piece. Posted By 3dbinCanada 11 replies , Lots of good specs there All of the soulful texture of Elton’s voice was present in spades. Posted By bruin22anton 14 replies , The MS-1’s music library can be opened and music files played back over the computer itself via a FLAC capable media player. Audez’e provides innovative solutions for accurate sound acquisition and reproduction. Add a pair of your favorite speakers to the PowerDAC mini for a complete music system.

Kingko Audio and Omega. Guys, This new AV preamp is one of the more promising units to come to market as it as both modern features AND audiophile roots. Bonus Recording of November Music Menlo ‘s Creative Capitals. Here are some photos of the rear and the remote of the Cary Audio Cinema 12a. Based on Cary Audio’s reputation, I would imagine it would blow the Integra and Marantz away on audio quality for music. The Cinema 12 has the ability to set separate Listener Profile speaker settings for playback of Music and Movies. Not sure if mix-match will be a good idea.

The printed circuit acts as the voice coil and when current flows through the coil, it interacts with the surrounding cinemw field and moves up and down uniformly producing sound. Lastly, the Cinema 12 has two separate Listener Profiles, which allows you to create one for music and one for movies, a nice touch as I like to juice up the center channel a bit for movies and leave it balanced with the other channels for music.


This is a welcomed feature, especially at this price point where those in the market for a processor of this caliber are likely using Blu-ray players with capable video up-conversion. Last Post By moomoomoomoo 11 replies Yesterday, Reviews Around the Web: Log in or register to post comments.

Records to Die For The Cinema 12 is available with either a black or silver brushed aluminum faceplate. Lots of good specs there For the connection between the processor and audiio I used Oasis 6 balanced audio cables by WireWorld.

Add a pair of your favorite speakers to the PowerDAC mini for a complete music system. Such is the beauty of a fine processor, mated with the right amp, speakers, source material and cabling – they can transport you back almost 25 years, to what must have been a magical night in Melbourne.

Anthem or Cary Audio

Recording of January The Cinema 12 is a full-featured preamplifier processor, sharing many of the same features as its predecessor while sudio the performance and flexibility. Music Menlo ‘s Creative Capitals. Of cine,a to put some extra chanl, the cost will bw much higher.

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She’s tall and beautiful and dressed all in white. The AlgoRhythm Solo uses advanced digital processing and an audiophile grade digital dinema analog converter to unlock your audio at the original CD quality.

My speakers are Episode Series in-wallswhich are only available through custom installation channels. Going from Cary Audio separates – in my case the Cinema 11a processor and 7. Why you need it: Submitted by Cinnema Portier not verified on July 12, – 2: Disagree with our product rating?


Thread starter deepestpurple Start date Aug 27, The Cinema 12 adds new technological advances in cinema audio to take your home theater to the next level.

Juliana Barwick’s “The Harbinger”. The new features give the MS-1 a multitude of control and playback options over the previous MS-1 version.

Cary Audio Cinema 12HD – The Offical Thread

Recording of December It seems that it is an excellent audio processor, which I am extremely interested in. Bonus Recording of December Additionally, some of these third party apps may offer enhanced features.

But there is no american proc with high -wide chanl. Stereophile’s Products of A visit to the YG website shows that the bold assertions are still very present: Recording of August There are some welcomed improvements over the Cinema 11a, which I’ll get to, but the much coveted Cary sound is still present in spades.

What would you recommend? From Country to Classical in Tampa. The setup and calibration of the Cary is simple and straightforward, thanks to a minimalist menu and the lack of video processing.

This time around it’s the newest processor in their Cinema Series, the Cinema Cypher Labs – AlgoRhythm Solo.