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The Kids Are Alright. It boasts a talented cast, but Kimberly Peirce’s “reimagining” of Brian De Palma’s horror classic finds little new in the Stephen King novel — and feels woefully unnecessary. Edit Details Official Sites: Post Share on Facebook. Sue Snell Portia Doubleday Yes No Report this. A young couple moves in to an apartment only to be surrounded by peculiar neighbors and occurrences. Welcome to our generation, Ms.

Nicki Marie Super Reviewer. Christopher Britton as Dr. Audible Download Audio Books. The film is your basic rehash of the original film and book. Chloe Moretz is unnervingly talented, but Carrie is not a role she was born to play. Jan 18, Rating: When Carrie has her first period, she does not understand what is happening to her and her classmates humiliate her in the changing room.

There is nothing scary about this film except for her mother’s religious fanaticism. Max Topplin as Jackie. Sue Snell, one of the girls that eguardo Carrie, feels bad and asks her boyfriend Tommy Ross to invite Carrie to go with him to the prom to make up for what she did to Carrie.

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As always, remakes are remakes and Hollywood still tries to milk an old franchise for all its worth. Ditto to the prom scene -Chloe is beautiful. Sue Snell William Katt Search for ” Carrie ” on Amazon.

Watching the remake of Ssguardo [over the original] is like replacing your phone with a newer version of the exact same phone. Samantha Weinstein as Heather. Yes No Report this. This scene is followed with Sue in the delivery room giving birth, but instead of a baby, Carrie’s arm emerges from between her legs and grabs her.


A family’s home is haunted by a host of demonic ghosts.

The story tried to update, but didn’t go far enough. What are the differences between the Theatrical Version and the Blu-ray Version?

Chris Garman Super Reviewer. Tyler Rushton as Neighborhood Kid.

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You’re in Carrie’s corner the whole way. Over the proceeding decades we would see an onslaught of King’s work translated to the big screen, some with great results and the others resulting in garbage, but that’s the way it is with a body of work that is continuously wanted by an eager public.

Barry Shabaka Henley as Principal Morton. I find it so ironic that “Carrie”, a film about treating everyone with respect, is getting bullied and criticized by critics.

Chloe Moretz is unnervingly talented, but Carrie is not a role she was born to play. Nicki Marie Super Reviewer. Sissy Spacek, while attractive in a strange way, also had an eerie quality to her which made it apparent why kids would pick on her.

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Was this review helpful to you? Unless you’re viewing this for free, skip it. The Evil Dead Full Cast and Crew. I didn’t love it, and it felt unnecessary, but I could appreciate the effort of the cast to make this work.


It dutifully and and mindlessly makes its way through the plot without any spark of creativity or originality. This newest version comes to us from director Kimberly Peirce Boys Don’t Crybringing us an examination of a scared, uninitiated high school girl from an actual woman.

Sguarfo Details Official Sites: Julianne Moore as Margaret White. It’s been 40 years since Stephen King published his first novel.

Post Share on Facebook. Connections Referenced in Nostalgia Critic: Why the hell was that twist even in it? Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: But Chris and her boyfriend Billy Nolan plot an evil prank with her friends to seek vengeance for Carrie.

View All Critic Reviews And the final anti-mobbing statement feels really dumb. And don’t even start me on Carrie’s final words to Sue. Her mother, Margaret White, is a pious and paranoid woman that sees sin everywhere and the need of self-inflicting punishment.

It is an important difference for this character. Besides the fact that it’s ironic, it’s also very depressing for many reasons. For instance, there are many eye-dropping stunts: