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You are also a Senator of the Republic. If my readers, as it actually happens, find that Guerrieri is a sort of anti-hero… well, I am happy about that. A blog dedicated to international literature. A Mandala by Antonio Tabucchi, translated from the It Yet, lawyer Guerrieri wins using his dialectical skills more often than by the evidence he provides. In my stories, I always strive to reproduce the procedures of the real world. Eye on North America.

Uno che guarda passare la vita. His books are small paintings of common lives troubled by a crime before eventually returning to their quiet normality. As a boy, I did not want to be a judge, but a writer. Views Read Edit View history. Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles containing Italian-language text. He moves into a flat where he knows no one, drinks a bit, and generally doesn’t take very good care of himself. Is Guido Guerrieri the true modern hero? Sono usciti altri due seguiti:

He has also written a graphic novel Cacciatori nelle tenebre, and an essay about the power of words.

Testimone inconsapevole / Gianrico Carofiglio – Details – Trove

Why do you think so many writers do not come directly from the Art of Letters? Le perfezioni provvisorie Sellerio, e La incconsapevole dell’equilibriopubblicato da Einaudi nel Your most famous character, Guido Guerrieri, is a great lawyer who brilliantly wins his cases.

Besides being a writer, you are also a judge. Eye on North America.

With his elegant prose, Carofiglio unfolds his stories of common life characters involved in judicial cases against the unfailing background of his home town.


Is Guido Guerrieri the true modern hero? Other Italian authors of genre fiction — Faletti, Camilleri, etc. Good inconaapevole can teach many things to the author himself.

And the Winner Is Is it the lack of the objective truth that leaves space for pure rhetoric? Why is this kind of literature so successful, in your opinion?

Ad occhi chiusi (romanzo)

L’aggressione di Claudia viene poi fatta passare come legittima difesa. A blog dedicated to international literature.

You are also a Senator of the Republic. A short or long sentence, either will be the end of him for the crime of killing a child. Thiam agrees, and the trial begins. Gianrico CarofiglioItalian fiction.

Absinthe Minded: Interview with the Italian Writer Gianrico Carofiglio

A friend of Thiam approaches Guido Guerrieri and asks him if he will represent the African, and he accepts. A witness claims he saw him in the area, though Thiam, who has been seen several times in the company of the boy, denies it.

In your opinion, is the combination of words and images another literary genre? Enjoy the warmer weather and see you back here before too long.

Well, first of all most of these bestselling authors do not write novels, even if they try to tell stories. I think literature has an ineludible ethical value and that the worst sin for a writer is dishonesty, is using nickel-and-dime tricks, is crofiglio disrespectful to the reader.


Nordic Council Literature Prize finalists – They’ve announced the finalists for the Nordic Council Literature Prize, thirteen finalists from eight Scandinavian regions; the best-known name amo L’avvocato Guerrieri rappresenta la parte civile nel processo al figlio di un noto magistrato di Bari.

Do you think that translations take something away from a literary text?

Newer Post Older Post Home. The Polish Literature Weblog. Over to Colin first: He is considered the caroffiglio notable representative of Italian legal-thriller fiction.

Nei giorni in cui inizia il processo Guerrieri rimane colpito dal suicidio di Emilio, un vecchio e caro amico che aveva casualmente rivisto dopo molti anni e che si toglie la vita a causa della morte per malattia della moglie.

As a boy, I did not want to be a judge, but a writer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this site, you agree inconsapevo,e the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. How important is the means of expression to the telling of a story? European Film Awards Reviews. There are many talented writers in Italy right now.