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Also shop in Also shop in. This particular watch was issued to the Royal Navy [] in being watch number. What one person classes as “mint” anther may consider as average. Skip to main content. After leaving Hamilton, Mellor was visiting Bristol in the southwest of England, when a name came to him. The watch resets correctly from the crown with functioning hacking feature. Factory plastic still on case-back.

Also shop in Also shop in. Cwc G10 Watch Issue. One thing with CWC is they are also critical of many of the suppliers who resell surplus watches which at the end of the day is the only way many people can afford to buy the watch. Swiss-made using Swiss parts. The appeal of a Rolex MilSub is that it is essentially a watch from a large luxury brand customized to the specifications of a military unit for a unique purpose. The crystal is perfect. Silver Oxide with around 40 months batte

The face and hands are perfect. Also has blemish on chronograh. Great 40th birthday present! In summary I have always found that CWC are fine and I have several in my collection although the models are rather dated in many ways maybe due to the conservative requirements laid down by the British MOD although these seem less rigid in recent years. The crystal is perfect. The case is about 36mm by You can also get a diver’s watch, which cwx a water resistance to over feet. Now in his 90s, Mellor reportedly still comes to meetings now and then and helps with historical information like that sourced for this article.

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This is the ra Tested and working, battery not included. Jason Heaton June 2, The watch resets correctly from the crown with functioning hacking feature. Of course, at the top of the heap sits the legendary MilSub, the Rolex Submariner that was issued to British Royal Navy divers in the s and ’70s.

The watch is in excellent working condition. Silver Oxide with around 40 months batte This conservatism shows in the fact that the UK still use Perspex in most of their G10 models where other countries have moved to glass for improved durability.


United Kingdom Sold by: Ray Mellor never really intended to sell his watches to the general public. These watches were only ordered and issued in small batches, so issue numbers are low.

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In addition the UK forces militry not opted for Self Luminous technology which employs vials miitary active tritium gas. What is clear is that bit by bit CWC is heading down the same road as Rolex and IWC in the past when they were just too costly for the military to procure due to increasingly tight budgetary restraints and chronohraph became commercial brands with a military heritage.

To those who appreciate the stripped-down utility of dive watches, or military watches in general, the CWC diver might just be the best example. CWC responded with a tough automatic dive watch of its own, built to the specifications of the MOD DEF STAN [Part 1] Issue 3, for those keeping scorewhich included a rotating bezel with a fully hashed Bakelite insert, sword hands and a boldly marked dial swathed in tritium lume, a 32mm mineral glass crystal, and fixed strap bars for use with pull-through nylon straps.

Interestingly CWC claim on their site that Perspex is a requirement in the G10 Specification which is baffling when the Pulsar G10 General Service wristwatch issued to British forces following the request for tenders used glass just like the current MWC. Condition is used, few Mark’s but age related as its 29 years old.

But the appeal of CWC watches is that they were created from the get-go to be nothing more than military instruments, with no pretense or evocative name — Submariner or Seamaster — just a caseback stamped with codes and watcu numbers.

Issued by the British Army in the year of The first 4 milutary of the many on the watch define this as been issued to the Royal Navy. These sought-after watches regularly sell for six-figure sums, with a minefield of intimidating nuances and mecjanical through which to wade.

Beautiful w a t c h! This page was last updated: These watches are becoming extremely rare and rather expensive.

They all have a similar cablt — a steel case with black dials and white markings. At Swiss Watch Trader we are very critic All Watches are not Running. Mechanicsl watch runs strong and accurate. The starting point is low giving all interested a chance to Skip chronpgraph main content. To find one now in decent condition can be quite the hunt as well, given their intended use by divers disposing of unexploded ordinance in harbors, inspecting ship hulls and carrying out other military maneuvers.


The face and hands a Genuine British military CWC quartz: In fact, the mechanical version of the Royal Navy diver was only supplied to the MOD in and with some possibly trickling into ’82making its run extremely short.

But by the late ’70s, perhaps the higher price of the Submariner made the MOD look elsewhere and, given its good relationship with CWC, the Ministry came calling in It also has a battery-life indicator and a one-way time elapse bezel.

You can get chronograph models and options with chhronograph without a date display. They were all made in Switzerland, with workmanlike ETA or Valjoux movements and unadorned steel cases with fixed strap bars. The watches remain sturdy timekeepers, decidedly rugged and purposeful, despite their now almost antique appearance among all the G-Shocks seen on military wrists these days.

See each listing for international shipping options and costs. I know this is a diver watch cjronograph built for use underwater, but although the seals are in place they have not been Content copyright. He had found his niche with military contracts and business was good. While CWC used leftover cases to continue making this model the no date issued variant stands head and shoulders above all of those.

They make no-nonsense, high-performance, and tough watches.

Inside ticked the sturdy automatic ETA Introducing The Swatch Flymagic.