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This may follow local genre formula, but the film plays like a long, chilly, vaguely menacing walk in the fog. The Second Part Its been five years since everything was awesome and the citizens are facing a huge new threat: You can order the DVD for the series from this website. Battle Angel An action-packed story of one young womans journey to discover the truth of who she is and her fight to change the Season 16 Kevin McCloud follows people as they build their dream house often focusing on modern design energy efficiency maximizing space and More than a detective thriller or tragedy, I thought Byakuyako to be a fascinating psychological study of two characters who, euphemistically speaking, made the best of the cards fate dealt them. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I hope this establishes a relationship between the characters that makes the viewer understand why their bond is so strong and why they have gone to these lengths.

Leaving home, he pimps out bored middle-aged women looking for sexual thrills and extra cash. There is a way to download from this site. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: At some point, melodrama stops compensating for lack of viewer connection with the characters, and piling it on is just a quicker route to aversion. For example, Yukiho pretending to be self-sacrificing and then having an about-face not two seconds later was more interesting than her supposedly more emotional and vulnerable moments where she waxes lyrical about missing the boat in love. Based on the Keigo Higashino novel of the same name, “Byakuyakou” revolves around Yukiho Horikita and Ryoji Kora , a young couple who, as children, each end up murdering their single parents. But can’t they for once do something more cheerful?! There she meets Kazunari Nobuo Kyo , the handsome, suave, soft-centered son of a rich family, with whom her best friend — the pretty, naive, socially awkward Eriko Yurie Midori — is madly in love.

LOL yukari, so you know my pain. Of course, there will be moaning as well.

Spoilers after this point. Mysteries are hot in the Japanese movie business now, but they have long been hard sells abroad. Novel Kazunari never got righteous, but the drama just had to slot in that scene of him confronting Yukiho over her alleged misdeeds, and it lacked bite because it was so trite.


By Maetawinz Started September 28, Posted November 28, Fill in your onlime below or click an icon to log in: Here is a link to the entire series online.

‘Byakuyako (Into the White Night)’

Was he tired of this underground life and saw death as an escape? It already sets the tone for what would come, and the last thing I want is for a drama to tell me how to feel right from the beginning. Film-wise, Kora Kengo was a slight improvement over Yamada as he was less sad puppy and exuded more negative energy. Was his death part of her scheme too? There was very little push and pull that would byakuyakouu made their relationship more balanced in terms of power play, more dysfunctional and ruthless.

The prefecture adjacent to the Japanese capital has the image of bei The drama added a librarian who was like a kindly mother figure to Ryoji and also advised Yukiho on her supposed love problems.

Byakuyako 01.1

Then again, human nature has never been a neat puzzle of traits that fit some pre-designed logic of how things should be. Sigh, my only choice is to compromise. Despite this, the drama was fairly decent and watchable, with a pretty solid theme song by Shibasaki Kou.

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Started May 14, Also, subsidiary characters Kazunari and Eriko take over the film for long stretches at a time, but given that their only crime is falling under the spell of bad-faith lovers, they do not deepen the mystery, and simply diffuse the focus. Bywkuyakou Kengo was fine in it, though I guess onlnie was somewhat short-changed.

By sugarplum Started March 3, Although the drama series emphasized the love story between the two main characters, Yukiho and Ryoji, the movie will reportedly be a true suspense story centered around Yukiho Horikita. Yamada gave Ryoji some lovely, heartwrenching vulnerability, but could probably have done more with the role had it been meatier and darker; as it was, he never looked or felt the slightest bit evil — at most he was a misguided youth and so he remained.


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Up-and-coming actor Kengo Kora 22 has been given the male lead in bhakuyakou “Byakuyakou” movie, which was recently revealed to star Maki Horikita I laughed at that, for she made Yukiho look like a child thwarted by some juvenile attempt to seize all the playground marbles. Cold Pursuit A snowplow driver seeks revenge against the drug dealers he thinks killed his son.

Though sadly, I think this drama will be a very dark and sad drama. Answer Questions How much is medical school in Japan? Started May 14, But watching Yukiho stride away from her bya,uyakou past toward a brilliant future, shedding her soul like an old skin in one perfectly modulated scene, I could sense a better movie than the one Fukagawa ended up making.

We can only imagine how dysfunctional their symbiotic relationship must have been, if there was indeed one, for it to have survived for so long — this hints at both of them capable of extremes instead of one manipulating the other.

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When byakuyqkou reveal the ending in the very first episode, it robs the viewer of the experience of following the characters through to the bitter end. He ends up living with one, the lonely, insecure Noriko Urara Awatawho works as a pharmacist.

I thought hard about how I would write this post so that I would be fair to all three, and decided it was best to be honest. By Maetawinz Started September 28, Notify me of new comments via onoine. Yamada and Hayase look so cute together Also, instead of simply clicking off plot points on the way to a brilliant solution, the story follows the two children as they grow to adulthood, still living with the trauma of long ago.

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