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Retrieved 24 November PRecapYashoda and Vrajlal says its better that they don’t talk about the secret while Surbhi feels its best to tell Krish and the world about it. Rajni’s family agrees to the marriage and their grand wedding takes place. It is said that even if the thread snaps the relationship of the couple continues to go strong. Retrieved 26 May But the wrongdoer finally ends up killing Yash. Rajni and Krish go for a honeymoon to Mumbai.

They also tell that they brought him there as he came with Kanhaiya Dairy people. Newer Post Older Post Home. Krish and Satya were best friends. PRecapYashoda and Vrajlal says its better that they don’t talk about the secret while Surbhi feels its best to tell Krish and the world about it. Krish leaves no stone upturned to reveal the truth and also reaches the actual wrongdoer but fails to catch hold of him. Retrieved from ” https:

Byaah Hamari Bahoo Ka – Episode 107 – 24th October 2012

On finishing their dinner, Krish questions what should he do since Rajni has done so much for him. The waiter comes in and says that they have hwmari the restaurant half an hour earlier just for them. Krish is elated to octber he was right while Rajni is surprised. So she rearranges Krish and Rajni’s wedding according to the Marathi culture but after the marriage she vyah that she will octover return to Baroda and she will stay back in Mumbai.

Krish comes out all ready and says why he can’t take time to get ready. Views Read Edit View history. Rajni says that he will come to know of them in the evening. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


PRecapYashoda and Vrajlal says its better that they don’t talk about the secret while Surbhi feels its best to tell Krish and the world about it. Rajni feels he is playing a prank and asks him if he is done with his prank. The wrongdoer tries to kill Shikha once again.

But Krish tells Yashoda that Tuljabai has asked him, her real son in return. Her friend, Archana, was childless and wanted a baby, so she asked Rajni to give her baby to her.

Byah Hamari Bahu Ka 24th October Video Watch Online Part1 РVid̩o dailymotion

Yashoda says it’s not possible. Krish wonders if she has booked all the tables. This time she gets scared and gets up from her wheelchair and starts running, thus she is cured. Retrieved 29 May When Krish and Rajni reach there they find Krish’s brother-in-law, Rajan there. He tags her along to show her the same. Krish says this to be false but when Tuljabai starts crying, he says that he is her son and he also starts helping her in her business by taking money from those who have taken money and not returned it yet.

On entering the temple, they find the Shivling in the center. Rajni urges him to come with her leaving Krish wondering what next is in store for him.

Krish and his mother refuse to believe that this is the same Rajni they had brought into their home and Krish becomes determined to uncover the reasons Rajni is doing this. As time passes Yash gets a note saying that Krish is innocent, but Krish stops him from revealing the truth as the wrongdoer was keeping an eye on him.

The family owns the “Kanhaiya Dairy Farm”. He clearly identifies the elephant on the wall. Current broadcasts on Sony Entertainment Television. Retrieved 24 November The culprit calls up Krish and asks him to meet him at a place. One day when Satya and Krish were in the beach and Yashoda and Vrajlal were sightseeing, Satya got drowned and no one was able to save him.


He has been here before. Rajni is all keen and wants to tie a strong thread there so their relationship and the thread remain forever. When Krish questions it the episodd informs Krish that Rajni had instructed them to do this.

24tu says that they were cleaning the room when they found the chest. But the wrongdoer finally ends up killing Yash.

He inquires which prank did he play to which Rajni replies about him seeing a child who showed him the way. Does he not have the right to look beautiful aur lo chalu hogayi English vinglish ki kilaash GeekLOL Rajni says that he cannot look beautiful but he can 20112 look handsome.

She says that this is not a prank and its her small effort to undo whatever she is done wrong to him. Krish says he feels he knows this place. So the wedding preparations start. Krish rings up the culprit’s number and at the same time Rajan’s cellphone also rings.

However Krish accepts Rajni, who promises to find the actual culprit. Along with Archana and Yash, she denies Aryan’s existence and treats the family cruelly.

He also says Tuljabai’s house to be his house. Comedy Circus Indian Idol