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Gathering supplies Building a sailboat. Working on buildings in the arena village Looking for adlingtont. Mindcrack Server – Episode 74″. Discovering that the arena ‘s roof has burned down Working on his track and setting up the zombie spawner Talking about his videos and suicide. Talking about the the false copy write claims on his videos Working on the temple sides Devising an explosive entrance. Speed removing the cobblestone box in the arena Talking about the B-Team meetup, plans for the arena and Feed the Beast Relocating the beacon.

Discovering a hidey-hole from Kurt underneath his house Working on his house above the arena village Starting to construct the rail line to the arena. Working on the arena Touring thejims base. Mindcrack Server – Episode 62″. Discovering that the arena ‘s roof has burned down Working on his track and setting up the zombie spawner Talking about his videos and suicide. Talking about the MindCrack Marathon , managing the Doc Shop and Notch joining the server Lighting up part of the perimeter to increase the supply of glowstone Making a guest house for Dinnerbone. Showing his farm and the beginnings of his house Getting lost in the nether Opening his Christmas gift. Constructing the Cave Spider trap Activating them, the hard way.

Mindcrack Server – Episode 57″. Working on the arena Visiting Arkas’ base. Town hall ground breaking”. Talking about the design of the MindCrack logo in the Town Hall Showing his strip mines Building the stable for his snow house. Fighting a zombie siege on Mudbucket Leaving Mudbucket for the Spawn village Finding a episodd from “E” telling Bdubs to go home before the map reset Checking out the prank on Guude’s spawn house and looking for evidence of the E Prankster at BdoubleO’s spawn home. Experimenting with cowboy-themed armor and weapon textures and sounds Leading newly-tamed donkeys by horseback and boat back to Mudbucket Having shootouts with skeletons at night.

Minecraft New Tree Building Building With Bdoubleo Episode mp3 скачать

Making a lever shop at Spawn to sell those mcgamer left behind. Talking about designs for the roof and the interior of the town hall Enchanting a shovel and looking at the temporary additions around spawn Making an automatic wheat farm. Acknowledging Zisteau’s village house and discussing beacon properties Adding details to the arena village Talking about the livestream with the GhostCraft mod and shirts for MineCon. Talking about Easter traditions Making an “Easter egg hunt” of noisemakers for generikb.

Talking about his child, explaining the premise of the new server Exploring the server.

Minecraft :: NEW Tree Building! :: Building with Bdo…

Working on lighting his stairwell Discussing YouTube comments and depression Adding more decorations and stalagmites. Talking about last Christmas Looking for Christmas gifts Opening and leaving gifts. Collecting animals Working on the exterior walls of the arena. Showing changes and working on the arena.


Defending a Death Games attack from Etho Then helping to recover Etho’s items Introducing the idea of catacombs for the Death Games Discovering a prank from Dinnerbone that flipped his building company upside down Removing an unidentified prank that left four large brown mushrooms in the Town Hall Digging out an underground area and creating an entrance for the catacombs. Breeding a new horse Naming a squid and working on details of his pool Responding to his unwanted Cat Fancy subscription by generikb Making a pumpkin and melon farm at his house.

Talking about his subscriber milestone and the sheep system he tried Discussing the Luck Box, his texture pack and the Death Games Setting up defenses for the Death Games. Experimenting with fence gate windows Trying to add more landscaping to the village Exploring in search of ferns.

Leaving adlingtont a TNT bomb with a demand of 32 diamonds and 11 deaths in the arena in exchange for diffusing the bomb Gathering ice at Etho’s ice farm at spawn and visiting the general store Hunting mobs for xp and talking about video plans Trying to trade with Guude’s villagers Enchanting at Guude’s home. Shipping discs for the Record Shop. Fishing with generikb Hunting the “Blaze Boys”, a “gang” of blazes, for a sheriff’s reward Defeating generikb in a gunslinging showdown at high noon.

Building a monument to his horse, Climb 1 Buying another horse from Ol’ Pappy and building him a new general store in return. Discovering the arena village has been walled in and covered by sand Cleaning up adligtont’s prank Modifying Guude’s village to increase villager breading Enchanting at the Ender Ender.

Front facade and floor of house completed Work on the village “HomeDepot”. Working on the Arena roof Discussing Millbee’s application video to the B Team Talking about MineCon and trying to get tickets Harvesting sugarcane, making paper and trading for emeralds at generikb’s Discussing farming mob heads and fixing houses in generikb’s visits.

Looking at the new houses and Etho’s signs on the arena Talking about the transition from contracting to being a full time YouTuber Growing trees around his new area. Mindcrack Server – Episode 73″. Explaining his console woes Making a cactus farm Designing a pathway.

Preparing to kill a Wither Fighting a Wither with Doc. Working on the arena stands Talking about what has changed over the past year and his hopes for the new year Commenting on Etho’s gift. Showing materials collected and tweaking his entrance hall Discussing string to stop mobs, modifications to the Luck Box and his modified texture pack Trying to build a sheep cryo chamber.


Adding and discussing new interior details Incorporating stained glass. Building the Bdubs Luck Box at spawn to collect iron.

Minecraft Building with BdoubleO – Episode – Where Bad Horses Go –

Building a mine tower Talking about weight loss and coffee Discussing his minecraft skin. Discussing the use of foliage to add depth Working on his house and discussing creating big trees Building a bridge from his house to spawn Talking about his neighbors barking dog. Leaving a gift for Pause Discussing home owners Working on the arena entrance and vender booths.

Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Looking at the progress on the roof of the arena Making a musical gift for VintageBeef Discussing noteblocks.

Thanking everyone for their support at the trial Talking about the art show he went to with his wife Discussing mcgamer’s prank. Repairing his diamond pickaxe Collecting clay from the ocean and finding a zombie spawner Completing the dome of the Nether Hub.

Exploring a mineshaft Working on building his house. Working on buildings in the arena village Looking for adlingtont.

Minecraft Building with BdoubleO – Episode 180 – Where Bad Horses Go

Meeting NewMindcracker at the Town Hall and noticing that some areas are dark enough to spawn monsters Reconstructing the bridge from his house to spawn Correcting what he had eepisode about lighting in the Town Hall and changing some minor floor designs. Moving sand and threatening Adlington with death Discovering Generikb’s trailer in the village Caving for diamonds and resources for Generikb.

Discussing the town hall logo and adding some details to it Finding a “baked potato on a stick” food truck that Kurt made and burning it down Working on ice windows. Mindcrack Server – Episode 76″.

Talking about the the false copy write claims on his videos Working on the temple sides Devising an explosive entrance. Testing out bddoubleo new rain sound Making over generikb’s daycare with the “Von Sway” home decor service with Etho and Guude Making a reed farm.