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Brother in arm by paul langan? Martin just started to be around them or see them. A major event that changed the character was when Huero was killed and they had to move away from his neighborhood to a place he didn’t know any one and had to deal with his mom giving him stricter rules due to the incident that happened with his brother. Do you work in the book industry? Mitchell encourage Martin, they believe in him to make better choices as, he is capable of more. In a large Southern California city, year-old Martin Luna hangs out on the fringes of gang life.

Antogonist The antagonist in Brothers in Arms is that all of the troubles has happened because of Frankie. Also, if you have a comment about a particular piece of work on this website, please go to the page where that work is displayed and post a comment on it. But he also makes friends with a kind English teacher and catches the eye of Vicky, a smart, pretty and outgoing Bluford student. They find an apartment on the other side of town. The first one is lost and found by Anne Schraff. Martin’s mother fears losing another son This book is about a young man who learns the hard way that being in a gang is not what he thought it would be. I learned while reading that Frankie is a smart guy, but he doesn’t know how to avoid things by thinking about what can happen first.

Brothers In Arms by Roderick Thomas on Prezi

I love this book! Be cause the reading level is fair for all ages and it has a good message to it. In the book Martin has to choose between two different lifestyles. Who are the characters in brothers in arms bluford series?

The Clique by Lisi Harrison Part of the story takes place in the high school and part of it in the projects. Who were the main characters in brothers in arms by Paul Langan?

Brothers in Arms (Bluford High, #9) by Paul Langan

Bluford series books summary? Reaction My reaction to the book was that its very true and real. Trivia About Brothers in Arms On the other hand his mother is still grieving the loss of her youngest son and living in fear at the potential loss wrms her oldest.


I think this book is one of the best books i ever read like for real. In this book the main character is Martin Luna a sixteen-year-old gang member who wants revenge for Hueros death. Martin’s friends tried to lead him down the wrong path, but he blufod good choices instead. Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli I thought my book was very sad and kind of depressing because Martin looses his brother Huero due to martin being in a gang and Huero wondering what Martin is up to and it’s kind of a struggle because of the fact that Martin and his mother have to leave their town and move to Bluford and meet new Have you ever lost some one in your life that you really cared about and kind of thought it was your fault?

He wanted to get revenge on the person that killed his little brother Huero. Publicist or Marketing Professional. Feb 15, Tommy rated it liked it. The main character Martin starts out as a troubled gang member and progresses into a responsible young man.

She and a local cop raise funds to “Brothers in Arms” is a book by Paul Langan which tries to explain the lifestyle of present-day teen-age gangs.

I liked the book because it reminded me of my home in California. In TV Shows and Series. Would be more fun if they had Martain kill the killer of Eric. Choose a video to embed.

Now Martin is mad and finds out that his mom was right and that Frankie would just bring trouble. Email me when someone replies. To pull him away his mother moves him to a new city. He meets Steve who was in the same grade as Martin. Brothers in Arms by Paul Langan is an unbelievably realistic book about our main character Martin Luna. You would have to read the next serie, later you would know how he solve his problem.


Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Jan 21, Jhoana rated it really liked it. Would you like to merge this question into it? There was a boy named Martin who was a thug. Is there a movie based on the Bluford series? I dont think people should go through this espcially at that age he was in.

Brothers in Arms

He also thinks his life is over when something bad happens and turns everything upside down. He’s well know and feared within certain groups. This is the 9th book in the Bluford High series, and brotherrs about a boy who transfers to Bluford partway through the book.

I think there are no other books that relate to this book because this book talks about how he was going thru life and what happened to his brother.


Mar 27, Elijah Ashford bgothers it it was amazing. You want to know what I’m talking about? What are the characters in the bully in the bluford series? Nov 09, Kathryn S. The characters in brothers in arms are: But I think that it could have had a better ending than the one it had.

The story is about a boy named Martin Luna. To ask other readers questions about Brothers in Armsplease sign up.

In the ninth book in the Bluford young-adult series, a young Latino man walks away from violence—but at great personal cost. Not only because of his brothers death but he also faces Steve a esries athletic guy who keeps making him get in trouble as well as trying to avenge him brother.