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Which way will the wind blow? The story of journeying from one place to another to build a new life for oneself is universal. For example, when she helps out at church-sponsored Christmas banquet for homeless men, I thought the story started taking on the tone of a YA novel. Back in Ireland, Eilis at first does not consider the place to be home anymore, but upon spending time with her mother and her old friends, she begins to feel at home and begins to wonder if her marriage was a mistake. I couldn’t wait to relish every word when phrases like, “A Triumph! Eventuall Oh, what a lovely novel this is.

We follow what happens in America. For example, when she helps out at church-sponsored Christmas banquet for homeless men, I thought the story started taking on the tone of a YA novel. Emotional and practical manipulation inevitably extend the trip. This struck me the most when she was attending her friend’s wedding and thought that she “didn’t love Tony now. Lying and silence were often resorted to. Toibin has consistently demonstrated the problems of what goes unsaid, but he stops short of recommending honesty at all times, because there is no single answer.

The true shame of this book, and perhaps its reason for such a mixed reception here on goodreads, is how many readers such initial storytelling would put off and even lose altogether. Published May 5th by Scribner first published April 29th Brooklyn is an inspirational story, a cozy read, if you value the romantic influences of Irish roses.

I am amazed someone thought there was enough here to turn into a movie; then again I understand that the movie ends differently. Sometimes they are hauntingly beautiful synopsiz The answer brings us close to the scary heart brioklyn his genius, I think.

Nov 13, Cecily rated it it was amazing Shelves: Empathy is surely one of the qualities we expect from any great novelist, and Toibin does empathy like no other modern writer I know. The true shame of this book, an Some books are worth sticking with. She assists Father Flood at the local Church, such as during Christmas dinner.

They were barely synopsiz dimensional. Lonelines, homesickness, combined with new opportunities and a synopsid exposure to more cultures, ultimately leads to unforeseen, regrettable decisions, spurred by her innocence, unworldliness and her unwillingness to take the lead.


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I am trying to make peace with the ending. You combine this with a very dull chronology of events that is the framework for the story and really, you have nothing.

Principal photography began on 1 April in Irelandand was shot for three weeks at different locations including EnniscorthyWexfordand Dublin. My reaction to the book is mixed. Set in the ‘s, in a time after the second world war, this relates the story of E 3. When the family has a visit from an Irish American priest, things are quickly set in motion, paperwork, employment, accommodation are all arranged and Eilis is on her way to New York! So you see, I had badass expectations because of the movie, so regardless of the disjointedness of the story and serviceable writing, I had a portrait of Tony-and the other characters-to look forward to.

Eventually Eilis begins to spend time outside work and school outside of her room, but mainly out of obligation to the priest. The world is becoming more modern; thus, there is a shift in attitudes towards race, sex and marriage. She begins attending night classes to continue her education, as her tuition is fully paid for by a fellow Catholic parishioner seeking to do a good deed.

Occasionally, again, that glimmer, but overall, it was just words telling me about these people, the life they were marching through. The realism of her life in transition, and her efforts to adjust in both worlds – a small town in Ireland, versus the big city, New York in America – is very real.

Oct 04, Carol rated it liked it Shelves: Time to fall in love, perhaps: Toibin “writes about women more convincingly Retrieved 16 December And what about Eilis? It glanced at the tension between Irish and Italians in Brooklyn in the s, but — again, nothing. She is unable to find full-time employment, and works weekends at a shop run by the spiteful Miss Kelly, nicknamed “Nettles Kelly”. For me she ceased to be an interesting personality.

Are the themes mentioned interesting to you? Brooklyn received a standing ovation following its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Halfway into this I realized she’s toubin Mary Sue!


Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín

Then, towards the end, BAM! Decisions are always important, but every so often a decision so powerful will come along that either direction you take will completely alter your life hereafter. At some point she has to choose between her life in New York and a roughly equivalent life back in Ireland, but she studiously avoids finding out anything that could force her to form an opinion.

Her brothers had already moved to England to find employment. Eventually a local busybody, Miss Kelly, tells Eilis she knows her secret because Madge Kehoe is her cousin and somehow the story is out in New York.

The consequences long outweigh the action and this novel captures that truth of our humanity perfectly. The story of a young woman, in the nineteen fifties, who has no other prospect in her small town in Ireland but to find, almost desperately, a suitable husband, emigrates alone, to the When I finished this novel I felt as if I had just been uprooted.

Could a 12 year old read this. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. View all 72 comments. Lying and silence were often resorted to. She even begins going around with a local guy named Jim, because no one know she broollyn married. Each one came to have their own identity.

Jan 01, Kalliope rated it liked toihin Shelves: The woman in the bunk below her, an experienced traveller, gives her advice and support. Staff Pick – Brooklyn by Colm Toibin.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. When we read we grow these weird mental roots inside the book; like tentacles they weave through the words, the lines, the sentences.

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When a family tragedy occurs, Eilis is called back to Ireland. I imagine it as being a wholly draining experience for him. This is a story about immigration, about whom Eilis will choose to marry and a coming-of-age story.