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The three of them chuckle at the thought. The doorman swaps places with Jerry, putting Jerry beside the counter. The first upper-body support undergarment, specifically designed for men. Jerry took the couch back. The doorman still has the attitude problem. An elevator arrives, and a familiar character steps out and is noticed by Jerry. On the tourist bus, the occupants attention is attracted.

George drapes the coat across Frank’s shoulders. Payton regards it critically. Kramer stands behind Frank, making adjustments to the garment. Where do you get your genes from?! Pitt’s building, Jerry encounters the doorman, this time on the night shift. The other German tourists get off the bus and join the woman as she follows Kramer.

The doorman leaves Jerry in charge while he goes out quickly to buy a beer. What’s going on here? The elevator is still not moving. I was just messing with his head. Jerry stares off, as he imagines George looks horrified, and puts his hand to his mouth like he’s going brp vomit.

Seinfeld Scripts – The Doorman

Kramer tries to calm Frank down. One of the tourists nudges another, portlier, tourist on the shoulder at Kramer’s explanation. Why waste time making small talk with the doorman? It’s a beautiful couch. The tourists are all looking much more jovial.


Carefully, Frank reaches over with the spoon, to offer George a taste. A buxom blonde woman in a purple shirt is making her way to the door, as she passes the booth she notices George. These were real hooters. No, bro’s no brl. Jerry offers his soiled couch to replace the one that was stolen while he ssinfeld “on duty.

Poppie sinks onto the couch, despite the pleas, and horrified expressions, of Jerry and Elaine. I came to pick you up.

Andy Ackerman Recurring Cast: The three of them chuckle at the thought. See, if I get excited, ‘ats aggravated my condition. I gotta sit down! Oh, thank you, Sid, but that’s all in the past. George has picked up Frank’s three suitcases, and is all ready to help carry them out to the car.

You get a couch. Check out our complete Seinfeld Gift Guide right now! Shocked, they knock on the glass.

The Doorman

Jerry thinks the doorman set him up and he and Elaine try to think of an alibi. Kramer comes around the corner, carrying the record player in his arms. Perhaps Miss Benes could explain why a Jerry Seinfeld signed for this package handing the package to Mrs. Well, the doorman certainly has a wild imagination, doesn’t he?


Picking up a spoon from the bowl Frank is about to eat, when a thought occurs. Well, you’ve seen pictures.

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The mansiere, get it? There’s no sign of the doorman, so Jerry tosses the hat onto the counter, dismissing it with a wave of the hand as he moves to the elevator. Can we go to a later show, so he’s manzir his shift when I come by? How did you know? Ja, ja, ja, it’s him! We gotta get our story straight.

Jerry moves and challenges him. She start the big fight, about abortion. A brassiere for a man.