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Kinetix System features bowl shaped like a sphere and long, curved sweeping blades that scrape the bottom of the bowl to minimise food traps and push denser ingredients up. The container is vertily ubreakable and so easy to clean by using water and the smoothie function. We purchased Breille Blender in , still going strong with no breakdowns, no weird noises or no shoddy controls after so many years. It just stopped with smoke pouring from the motor, doing breadcrumbs. Even the paint and button displays are as good as new, Very highly recommended. I think a regular button would do. Much better than expected Had this blender for just under a year.

Best ever I have been highly satisfied with this blender. It works great, gives brilliant results for sure. I mostly use it for smoothies and acai bowls. It has been one of my best purcahses. Same thing with making puree as well. It is so hard to find it in cranberry colour that matches the colour theme in our kitchen.

Breville admit this is a ocntrol fault and offer a repair. Used daily for smoothies and used weekly for making raw treats – this blender works perfectly every time.

It is great to make smoothies, cocktails, etc. I have been highly satisfied with this blender.

the Kinetix Control

This blender is multi functional with so many options to use- blend, chop, ice breaker, etc. Much better than expected Had this blender for just under a year. Date Purchased Jul A smoothie preset goes for 1minute, but I usually have to do it twice. It is simple to use and many functions to choose from.


Blenders Buying Guide Our buying guide will explain which type of blender would suit you most, how much you can expect to pay for one, and which features are cwst looking out for. This is robbery by design without regard for the customer. Overall, this is a great blender for making drinks or soups for sure. Like a number of others in these reviews.

Superb level of control from the fine speed control knob and the various settings for different outcomes makes blending a breeze.

the Kinetix Control

Like others my unit is not that old but the design of the blade assembly is terrible after minimal use the rubber that supports the blade assembly “melts” or ceases and it makes a terrible noise and the blade is hard to turn. I think a regular button would do. Wanted something that would fontrol ice and make smoothies.

I had to pause it all the time and had to use a small spatula to help push it down to the bottom, so the metal blades can get in touch with the mixtures.

It all get stuck and you have to juggle it and push it down with a spoon.

And, customer service is terrible to say the least. Don’t waste your money with this blender.

Listing monitored by Breville representatives. It has nothing that stands out about it. Easy Clean Design It has a one-piece removable blade and curve jug edges making cleaning more convenient every after use. It just seems to get to a point where it can’t make it any smoother.

Breville Kinetix Control

Date Purchased Mar I bought it around 5 years ago and it is still going strong and has not had a single. Vary sparing use for mixtures such as milk shakes, breadcrumbs, dips and similar. I love this cranberry colour in particular, truly very pretty.


Tried blending for a long time, tried pulsing high and low, tried stopping and stirring. With the Smoothie button, it preforms with excellence. The stainless steel finish makes it have a nice clean finish, so it is easy to clean.

Date Purchased Jun Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. The metal die-cast aluminum based and quality parts have been designed for to withstand continuous rigorous blending tasks. Much quieter than anything we’ve used before as well. Date Purchased Feb Its a little hard to clean. The aim is to swap your money for a product that you are happy with and will last for a very long time but sadly of course those days have gone. Average blender THhis machine does the job for smoothies, it could be better at blending the conntrol and frozen fruit, but does it in time just takes a bit longer compared to the nutri bullet.

The build quality and aesthetics are great along with its performance and I cannot recommend this product enough, it looks amazing in my kitchen and is a real conversation starter!