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In fact, it is more simple. When you find the right watch, it becomes an extension of you. Other features include a regular analog dial on the lower left, a power indicator, an automatic movement with a 60 hour power reserve, a natural rubber strap, and a titanium case that’s water resistant down to 30 meters. Breva Genie 03 speedometer watch. Your email address will not be published. Try New Atlas Plus.

But instead Breva developed an entirely new movement and designed it to have a fully functioning, mechanical speedometer. The movement, internally known as BRE Chiming watches are among the most difficult of timepieces to make, let alone make sound good. Featuring the same design introduced in the late s for use by the Italian Navy, this timepiece’s 47mm case is made from a carbon fiber-based composite material that’s never before been used in watchmaking. After learning Daniel Craig had purchased the same coat for himself prior to filming Skyfall , a small, in-house team at Billy Reid began an effort to have the coat placed organically in the upcoming Bond film. This new Genie 03 is the first ever watch to have a mechanical, pop-up speedometer built into it.

The whole thing is housed in a 41mm stainless steel case, complimented by a brown alligator strap with matching stainless steel pin buckle. Impressive stuff on top of an already fantastic looking watch.

Breva Genie 03 is first watch with functional speedometer

Overpeople receive our email newsletter. In an age of smartphones, a backup speedometer is only a GPS-equipped app away. Want a cleaner, faster loading and ad speedoeter reading experience?

Case, Dials and Strap Case material: Roosevelt, and Elvis Presley. Thus you can use it in rainy or humid conditions.

Stash For Later Remove. Inside ticks a proprietary mechanical automatic movement developed exclusively by Breva, with a 60 hours of power reserve and a micro-rotor winding system.

Its readings are instantaneous and require no calculating on the part of the user, nor does the watch need the user to identify a measured distance.


Try New Atlas Plus. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Acoustic Research Concept Watch aims to do both, thanks to a nearly silent striking mechanism, a 44mm titanium case that allows the sound to be louder by virtue of its lower density and its reworked seals that reduce sound dampening while maintaining water resistance of 20 meters.

The first one is something quite convenient for a watch: Much like with pre-owned cars, great deals can be found on premium timepieces when you open the …. The Impossible Collections Timeless automotive design. It looks like making cars is no longer enough for a variety of car makers. Search News Search for: The strap and buckle are made of natural rubber strap with titanium G5 pin buckle.

Breva Genie 03 watch with real-time speedometer | Motor Trader Car News

So when a watch maker does something extraordinary, using just a complicated, mechanical movement, it really stands out. Subscribe to our newsletter? Most watches people wear today are speedmoeter, smart watches that control their cell phones. Each piece is attached to an original photograph and a detailed story of some of the most coveted watches in the world. Subscribe to our newsletter Stay up to date with the latest post and updates.

A Man and His Watch profiles those figures and the timepieces they wore from the perspective of author Matthew Hranek, who traveled the world conducting interviews and speedomster the histories of 76 watches.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Acoustic Research Concept Watch Chiming watches are among the most difficult of timepieces to make, speedomter alone make sound good.

Billy Reid Bond Peacoat Perhaps the most iconic piece of clothing worn by James Bond in Skyfallthe traditional peacoat from then under-the-radar Alabama-based Billy Reid developed a story and cult status of its own. We preach buying pre-owned watches quite often, actually.

When the stud at 2 o’clock is pressed, the speedometer pops up 6 mm from the dial, exposing three titanium-alloy Robinson cups. Each pair is finished using water-based inks and glues and a durable rubber reverse waffle lug outsole.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The minimalist design starts with a white enamel dial with inset printing, covered by a double curve Sapphire crystal, and is complemented by a Swiss movement that powers date and annual calendar complications in addition to hour, minute, and second readouts.

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Awe-inspiring aerial engineering from the Aerospace Museum of California.

Breva watch features a working speedometer

And the answer comes with the Breva Genie It tracks walking, running, swimming, and sleep cycles, can function as a silent alarm, and of course boasts Bluetooth connectivity to let you get more details via a companion app. When closed and not in use, the Breva Genie 03 seems more simple than the two previous editions. Its patented measurement mechanism actually pops out 6mm above the face of the watch, and uses 45 components to measure wind speed from 10 to mph. Highlights from the record-breaking Retromobile car auctions.

The Breva Genie 03 is water resistant to 30 meters, no matter if the Speedometer is opened or not. When you find the right watch, it becomes an extension of you.

Like a car with its hood opened, the timepiece encourages you to view its inner workings thanks to the visible, manually wound RL caliber movement. It also has LuxLiner sock-fit construction for a secure, comfy fit, fully breathable mesh with Rapidweld details, and synthetic, textile, and suede uppers.