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Gus is carrying a small wooden box. Like if you were shaking an empty spray paint can. If you’ll excuse me. Thank you for your interest in this question. I mean, this place is disgusting. I’m a native Spanish speaker, and I can tell you that you are not missing any major plot details whenever a Spanish dialogue occurs. At least last night you were You were real, you know? I just I’m sorry.

I’m so happy you finally came to your senses. He and Jesse help Gus leave, as the girls jump in their cars. Your face is plastered on every bus bench within a five-mile radius. Look, I appreciate your concern. I I Well, I I took these painkillers that I had leftover from my surgery and I made the brilliant decision to wash them down with a couple of beers. My – My mother would tell me so many stories about my father.

In fact, the Spanish accent is so bad sometimes that even I have a hard time trying to catch what they are saying. Well, I got a very unexpected cash infusion. Walt, if you’re there, please pick up. Can we just keep this between us?

The “experiencing the world through Spznish and Jesse’s eyes” bit is BS. This doesn’t seem accidental, or sloppy – like everything in the series, it has meaning and it adds to the development of the story. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Either we’re all going home or none of us are.


Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 10 | Breaking Baddicts Anonymous

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 10 Season 4, episode Well, there are plenty of Spanish speakers in the U. Outside, Don Eladio drops his cigar, and his men sutbitles falling down dead.

What do you mean, a fight? Rather than being burned into the image, these subtitles are just another subtitle track, and it’s supposed to be enabled by default, so that even when you turn the subtitles “off” altogether, these subtitles appear for the Spahish scenes. The universe is telling me something. Walt wakes up, and we see a prescription bottle on the nightstand, along with his glasses.

It’s because people would tell me these things. At least last night you were real, you know? They synthesize their own. What kind of amateur have you brought us?

“Breaking Bad” S04E10 Salud subtitles

My father fell very ill when I was four or 5. Can you grab it for me? Fill your pockets and leave in peace! So you understand subtitlew “asshole” means. I wish I could take back last night.


The head chemist takes a sample, subttitles it in a mortar, adds liquid, stirs, and fills a syringe, which he inserts into a machine. And this was– Wow, eight years ago.

You can’t come to my work like this. Breaking Baddicts Anonymous a place spanidh Breaking Bad fans to talk about the show. The most powerful examples of this are two scenes with the Cousins. He had Huntington’s disease.

This one’s an addict. Marco pummels Hector desperately until he releases Leonel, and asks him tearfully if he’s all right. It is that simple. Well, basically it was a temporary hiatus.