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So you knew the victim? Look, it’s easy, okay? Well, it’s “The Grandparent’s Polka. Chicken Man’s fingerprints at Boetticher’s murder scene. Gale was a recipient of this scholarship. He was a very, very talented chemist, but for reasons l never understood he was more interested in taking shortcuts than what would or could have been a very promising career. The only reason you are alive and he is not is because l know who you are. We’re not here for the chicken.

In fact, the Spanish accent is so bad sometimes that even I have a hard time trying to catch what they are saying. Now, when you bend down to tie your shoe you stick this into the wheel well. My brother-in-law, my DEA agent brother-in-law? So, what if this is like math or algebra? You see that Volvo station wagon over there? Why do l need him?

Breaking Bad S04E08 – Hermanos – video dailymotion

So you need to tell Mike that you are worried about Hank’s investigation. Do it again, please. Thank you for your interest in this question. Where do brekaing stand with the thing that you were supposed to do? He rescued me from the Santiago slums.

Well, no, really, it isn’t. I’m a subtitlee Spanish speaker, and I can tell you that you are not missing any major plot details whenever a Spanish dialogue occurs.

You would tell me if you lost it, right? Corporate America, look out.


This is all good fodder for you to request a sit-down with Gus so you can discuss what you would say for questioning. So is this the loud one? What is the reason for not translating the Spanish dialogue for the viewers? What do you mean? I’ve only seen the show as the DVD box set, so the original showing may have been different, but some of the scenes are subtitled, and some aren’t. Burn in hell, you piece of shit. He’s an honorable man. He’s reading the newspaper and sees that someone he had dinner with someone he thought a lot of was murdered.

Apparently, it’s all very hush-hush. Space, lots of light. Yeah, yeah, yeah, l got it, your brother-in-law. Hank already knows who you are, by the way. May l, Don Eladio. That chicken you cook. The guy drives a 1 0-year-old Volvo. So l– So breakign brought him in to the police? Letting go, giving up control.

Breaking Bad S04E08 – Hermanos

Personal shortcomings notwithstanding he was a warm, gentle person and l thought a lot of him. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? We want to work with you, Don Eladio. Then, when you’re near him you put this to use. Why should l negotiate with someone who doesn’t respect me? And the chirality of the molecule its very structure, is different. But hethat is to say we could think of no other way to get your attention.


A little taste of something else? If you want to know, in the Sunset scene, Gus says that north of the border is his territory, and the cousins or anyone of the cartel has no right to decide what happens there. Okay, l think that’s it, Gus. Hey, where’s my soda? The paper made no mention of that. You didn’t lose it, did you? My brother-in-law is onto Gus. Live life on your own terms. Didn’t call you or one of his other cop friends to share his connection with the case or ask about the investigation?

Please He’s my partner. We can show you how to manufacture it right here in Mexico.

In fact, the Spanish accent is so bad sometimes that even I have a hard time trying to catch what they are saying. So if this is entirely Walt’s story, why are we seeing these scenes where they only speak Spanish and where Walt is hundreds of miles away?

Marco was shot in the face and died instantly.