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Watch the entire episode here to know what happens next. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 23 – January 2, Vihaan goes on an early morning walk and reads a newspaper article in which a girl describes her love for New Delhi. Meanwhile, Vihaan who is the owner of Vatsala wears learns that Aarushi has copied their design and made a cheap duplicate for herself. Later, Gattu further traps Aarushi’s father Prahlad and asks him to try his hand in a bigger gamble. At the same time, Girish who is busy at his new job gets trapped between a gang of thugs who accuse him of stealing drugs from their boss. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 11 – December 17, Later, just when Vihaan is trying to convince all to celebrate ‘maasi maa’s’ birthday, a man comes with a lot of food.

Satrangi Sasural – Episode 9 – December 15, In his delusive love for Aarushi, Vihaan imagines her sitting beside him as soon as he wakes up. Later it turns out that all of them have gifted Vihaan his favourite blue shirt and Vihaan wears all the shirts at the same time to keep them all happy. To Aarushi’s surprise, Vihaan appears riding a rickshaw and takes Aarushi on a ride. He is in a dilemma whether to propose to her or not, and gets worried that his proposal might cause him to lose a good friend. Next day, Aarushi begins to panic when she learns that Vihaan has won the competition and will be among the men who will go out on a date with her. At home, Sarathi confesses to Vihaan that he had beaten up Girish a few days back.

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All of Vihaan’s mothers surround Vihaan and try to elisode more information about Saleem’s love interest and Vihaan who himself is extremely excited speaks to his mothers in an excited fashion. Next morning, Aarushi gives her father her debit card and asks him to take out as much money as he wishes.

Satrangi Helo – Episode 1 – December 3, Seeing someone being treated superior to the general public doesn’t go well with Aarushi. Vihaan’s mother later remembers the love that each of the ladies of the house had shown towards Vihaan when he was extremely young. Just then, Vihaan’s mother Narmada climbs down and says that she had ordered the food to celebrate Neelima’s birthday. Later, Wpisode feels that their is some connection between Aarushi and the person writing the articles and he decides to find out about it.


Meanwhile, Aarushi goes on to tell her mother about her shopping with Vihaan. Watch the entire episode here to watch the entire episode. Vihaan gets tea for Aarushi and meets her at her office.

Finally, Prahlad decides to sell his wife’s jewellery. She goes up to Dadi Maa and speaks to her respectfully while managing to state her epiisode of view. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 4 – December 8, The ‘pundit’ goes on to tell them that Vihaan will be meeting the episoode before them. Later, Vihaan has food with his entire family and just then Dadi Maa tells geelo that he has to meet another girl in order to fix his marriage.

Satrangi Sasural – Episode 9 – December 15, Later it turns out that all of them have gifted Vihaan his favourite blue shirt and Vihaan wears all the shirts at the same time to keep them all happy. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 13 – December 19, Later, Vihaan tries to call Anisha and talk to her but Anisha seems furious and refuses to speak.

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Later that night, Vihaan and Aarushi chat with each other through messages. Satrangi 23 – Episode 21 – December 31, Satrangi Sasural is about the celebration of love, Life and Marriage. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login.

To Aarushi’s surprise, Vihaan appears riding a rickshaw and takes Aarushi on a ride. Just then, Gattu walks in with Girish and makes tall claims about his approaches. Meanwhile, Diya is unable to take episide seven mothers of Vihaan anymore and geo complains to Vihaan about the problems a family with seven women in the house can cause and she finally refuses to marry Vihaan.

Vihaan helps Aarushi and takes the puppy to the veterinary care. Aarushi denies having any boyfriend and hearing her, Vihaan expresses his happiness and seeing this Aarushi gets surprised.

Vihaan notices Girish, goes towards him and slaps him.


Satrangi Sasural explores the journey of Vihaan and Aarushi and their bond boyeii the universe of seven mothers in-law. Satrangi Sasural – Episodes Later, Girish meets his father and the two of them discuss about getting some money from Aarushi.

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Meanhwile, Aarushi’s family is eagerly waiting for a boy’s family to arrive who will be coming to see Aarushi. Heavily injured, Vihaan lays on the ground unable to move.

She feels bad that Vihaan had lied to her all this while and she later refuses to be friends with him as she feels that friendship should be done with people of the same status. Meanwhile, Vihaan’s mother and aunts are busy punishing Sarathi for his minor mistake.

Aarushi reaches the hospital to meet Vihaan’s Dadi Maa, but Vihaan sees her and manages to avoid her from meeting his Dadi. By now, Vihaan is allowed to go home and asked to take rest. On the morning of first day of the New Year, Dadi Maa does a bit of charity and later gets a VIP treatment in order to enter the temple.

Soon, Aarushi reaches the scene and sees him there. It turns out that, Aarushi’s father Boeyi and her brother, Girish epiosde not very close to Aarushi as she had been adopted. Aarushi expresses her worry regarding her meeting with the owner of Vatsala wears and Vihaan on the other hand admires her simplicity and her morales. He asks her if she has a boyfriend and is eagerly waiting for her to give a ‘no’.

He breaks the windscreen of Vihaan’s car. Watch the entire episode here to know what Vihaan’s reaction will be on seeing Aarushi in the hospital. Vihaan continues to make vain attempts to get in touch with Aarushi. Dadi Maa asks him if he has already episofe a girl for himself, but Vihaan refuses.