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These were removed from a well cared for pair of Boston Acoustics VR speakers. Also during the same time period I was using Boston Pro 5. Hey guys and gals. Log in or Sign up. Everytime I’ve gone back to some old ‘vintage’ speakers, I’ve been disappointed even though I’ve grown up with them. What I really love is how treated program material with uber strong bass content. The ‘Digms do image better, but the Bostons aren’t that far behind. Though it wasn’t very deep, I found it to be very tight and well defined.

Though it wasn’t very deep, I found it to be very tight and well defined. That’s a little hard to tell objectively. Longitudinal Center of Canada. These speakers are amazing – the sound is incredibly clean. Boston Acoustics A speakers. Michael Jackson was previously just a little bit harsh on the ears in midrange but now I think he sounds great. I’m not saying I don’t agree that it would be neat to replace the spiders on old speakers, because I haven’t always been convinced that my repair brought the speakers back to their original glory.

Do you already have an account? A wider box isn’t better, it just will have differaction and baffle step losses at different frequencies.

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They lasted from dorm rooms to apartments for a good 10 years. The mids and highs aren’t much different than my Pioneer CSa’s but with maybe a little less bass. Best aacoustics cassette tape I have. Yes, my password is: MacNoobApr 9, Overall a great sounding pair of bookshelfsize speakers.

If you need a kit for your 6. These were removed from a well cared for pair of Boston Acoustics VR speakers. I had a pair of Pioneer HPM s that absolutely paled in comparison. Discussion in ‘ Speakers ‘ started by JamValApr 9, You’re talking about something different.


I fell in love with them instantly. I purchased these same speakers in’85 or ’86 in college and had taken them everywhere with me since then I kept the original boxes to ALL my equipment.

I read somewhere that they aren’t the easiest to get at. Just melt down the glue and reposition slightly Wished I had made it to that auction with the stereo gear. Donkey KarmaApr seriee, What I noticed was that the treble was very delicate with a smooth midrange, but what really impressed me was the bass.

old Boston Acoustics A150 speakers

Mine are 8″ 2 ways. IanFeb 27, I felt the same way when I was auditioning my Beovox S45’s for a buyer. Tino Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Share This Page Tweet. Zcoustics the Moody Blues are singing “I can’t believe we’re running out of love” and I’m saying I can’t believe I’m running out of space.

My Boston Acoustics A150 Series II Review

The ‘Digms do image better, but the Bostons aren’t that far behind. Just sold my A’s a couple of hours ago. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Oct 18, Posts: Your name or email address: However, I believe that seriees likelihood of finding replacement spiders that would actually bring acoustixs speakers closer to their original characteristics than what’s already acojstics the driver is exceedingly slim for the vast majority of speakers that exist, unless the speakers were severely abused.

Fri Mar 18, 5: I’m a fan of these speakers. Guaranteed by Thu, Feb Baffle diffraction is accounted for in the crossover of any reasonably well designed speaker, but placement of the speaker with respect to nearby boundaries the walls has a huge effect as well. Log in or Sign up. Guaranteed Delivery see all. It’s true about the bass on the Bostons with material with “uber bass content”.


More resolution or clarity I guessmore linear sounding and they seem to absorb more power during peaks without complaint. The series Is that were listed had at least one, if not both, tweeters mashed in. In hindsight I think it was their positioning in acouetics room that worked against them.

That does provide extension, but not sensitivity. Although I’m listening to a Windham Hill LP; A Winter’s Solstice and the acoustic guitar sounds like an acoustic guitar, the piano sounds like a piano, the flute sounds like a flute, etc. For your consideration, Boston Acoustic A speakers.

That was my first pair of speakers, back in These are no goston speakers, they put ADS and later Mirage speakers to shame The first three were too expensive for what I was looking for and I boeton of shyed away from the CS Model 6 for some weird reason.

Discussion in ‘ Audio Hardware ‘ started by IanFeb 26, I’ve had Boston Acoustics speakers in my cars and my xcoustics since Jul 11, Posts: