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Do you find this valuable? Retrieved June 6, The last episode aired on June 16, Lucrezia escapes with Alfonso and her baby from Naples while the Pope corners the market in sulfur, restricting others from manufacturing gunpowder. They stop on the road, and a carriage passes them. Alexander is unhappy with what he perceives as a challenge by his son to his authority.

Cardinal Della Rovere expects a convening of the College of Cardinals to depose the pope, but the pope strikes a deal with King Charles of France to recognize him as ruler of Naples. As the waggons of sulphur roll in, traces of the yellowish powder are left on the ground. Deciding that only a Borgia can truly love a Borgia, Lucrezia visits Cesare in his chambers and makes love to him, committing incest. In reality, sulfur burns slowly with a short blue flame. Does anybody see a hook in the painting. Astor resists and resists and then excuses himself for mass.

You can see that summqry not hiding it. Catherina, meanwhile, has come up with a plot of her own — biological warfare sent directly to the Vatican. They embrace as Pascal dies. As the purged Cardinals are dismissed and stripped of their titles and wealth, Cardinal Versucci angrily sets the Vatican Sujmary ablaze after stealing a large sum, which he gives to a small convent.

With the “evidence” he needs, Alexander dismisses and banishes all the Cardinals he does not trust.

“The Borgias” The Gunpowder Plot (TV Episode ) – Plot Summary – IMDb

Mattai admits he brought the sulphur into summaey city at Rodrigo’s behest. Lucrezia chides her brother, tells him he knows where the scandal is. Cesare sets Micheletto to work preventing della Rovere and a witness from presenting evidence against the pope. I wish I were writing this while less tired. Caterina says Florence will neither help nor hinder them, and that Machiavelli will do nothing. The King of Naples offers a daughter of his as a bride for Juan Borgia.


Juan returns to Rome and claims his injuries are proof of his courage and valor on the battlefield of Forli. The Gunpowder Plot Rodrigo wants to know what Cesare is up to, but Vanozza says their eldest son does not share his plans with her. Juan’s body is discovered and the pope refuses to have a funeral until his killer is found, leading Cesare to admit his guilt to his grief-stricken father. Retrieved May 22, Lucrezia arranges a Festival of Bacchus, with the help of that old lady in the woods and her friends.

Alexander is unhappy with what he perceives as a challenge by his son to his authority. Rodrigo tells Cesare he Cesare does not share his plans with him Rodrigo. The moment father and son set eyes on each other, they start yelling.

He plots to frame Sforza for the murder and to kill his sister Lucretia next. Lucrezia chooses a suitor to marry. Baglioni drinks from the bottles while he waits to shoot Rozzi. The play was entered into the Stationers’ Register on 16 Octoberand published before the end of the year, in a quarto printed by George Eld for the bookseller John Wright.

The Devil arrives at the banquet and plays switcheroo with the poisoned bottles. We were captured Cesare: Start your free trial. Caesar hires Frescobaldi, a ruffian, to do some nefarious work.


Add the first question. Cesare approaches Rodrigo about the Caterina issue, but Rodrigo acts almost bored. Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. Joffre Borgia marries Sancia of Naples, who is having an affair with Juan.

Pascal Sebastian De Souza The play opens with a dumbshow prologue that shows Roderigo making a deal with the devil to become Pope Alexander VI. Astor resists and resists and then excuses himself for mass. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?


The Prin ce Episode 3. As such, she blackmails one of the princes to forgo the Crown of Naples, seeking the lesser plott two evils so she may keep her child with her.

Lucrezia accepts Calvino’s marriage proposal so she may carry on her affair with Raffaello.

The Gunpowder Plot

Even Cesare wasn’t informed, but luckily finds out by tracking down and torching the aristocratic Sforza-conspirator who attempted to take over the now priceless sulfur supply. Vanozza suggests that Rodrigo talk to Cesare, and forgive him, and wisely deduces that the trouble is, father and son are too alike.

Alfonso and the scions of Rome’s powerful families watch. While preparing his attack, Micheletto reappears, in his tent, to inform him of a forgotten Roman mine beneath the wall, and, with this information, Cesare’s army fire a barrage of cannonballs at the point where the tunnel meets the wall, causing it to cave in, and the wall to fall.

After the death of Pope Innocent VIIICardinal Rodrigo Borgia, with the help of his sons, bribes and cajoles other cardinals to vote for him in the conclave to elect the new pontiff.

Caterina Sforza orders Rufio to seek support from the mercenary warlords of the Romagna families — OrsiniVitelli and Colonna.