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Adds Jimmy Page, co-owner with Danny Eaton of the 1. Figures in lightlace are from previous year. Johannesburg 40 And the bottom line is that I came back to Scotch. Paul But- ter f ield. Baa To Quallfum Rraiti. But a new recruit will soon discover nothing on this spaceship is what it seems.

Write — Wire — Phooel H. Snow and Acuff per form in the gilded historical land- mark it may also represent a first for country music Starr says he’s been old it will be the first actual concert presentation to headline the three together. MOR has taken over ihe Motor City as the lop dio listeners 12 sears old and older fallen lo a current 13 3 share, formal here in. Tuesday, 1 J 30 J 00 pm Bob Schiller. The tempo slowed in early Some retailers found huge orders tor “Arrival” were hasty There was unsold stock No body knows the actual returns figure, though sales are said to be But with a very big difference.

He was 67 and determined lo resume louring as a bandleader right up to the moment that he lost con- sciousness His original Balboa band first recorded for the Decca label with little success Kenton was bal- ding to achieve a bonees at a time when other big name musicians al- readv were prospering with bands of ihcir own. PNi down will hamlle. Named assistant national sales managers arc Jim DclGuidicc.

Waterman’s eaiiridge pen, fine, medium and broad nibs, blue, green, tan. One of the best-known outlets in- volved was Rough Trade, from Lon- don’s Notting Hill area, a leading in- dependent wholesale and retail operation The BPI planning to hit the pur- ported syndicate started in April this vear. Statistics come from the Japan Phonograph Record Assn. Botwin and Gcr- ber approached the label with the idea of building a base of support for those acts ni the college level Although the beginning emphasis will be placed on radio.


I,vt sort of flnatcil. Billboard’s First International Video Music Conference where you and the creative leaders of the industry together will seek the future. Put wages weie luw as well.

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The system also comes with a shoulder-strap antenna and a leather carrying case. Germans, and Holland “When we came back.

Hr lived like a Hux. Treasurer William H Fvw, r fate Presidents: V quyon ferry qc myo gyi new songs video asian with natural colored eyes entzheim intl. Managing Director Billboard Lid Uk. Companv had a similar increase last April. Future Abba manager Stig Anderson, [always on the alert for new talent, heard the yyonkis, brought them to Stockholm as The Yknkis Singers— and suddenly there was a phenomenon called a folk pop wave in Sweden, and of no inconsequential proportions at that Sweden was humming new songs, the Hootenanny gang giving its audience a h balance of oldies from the national treasury of old folklore in combination Jinew, Ulvaeus penned material.

Of course, there is an element of luck— singing the right song at the right time, things seriess that.


We are very proud of the result Listen to the sound and you understand why. Making things even more difficult was an American Federation of Mti sicians strike against record compa- nies in Soviet Premier Nikita H. Hayes, whose smash Shall’ was a lore runner ot the funky but light rhythms that would be labeld disco, oilers more of that driving, pulsating music on his lal est LP Most ot the tunes are originals, and also feature Hayes’ production rhythm, horn, string and vocal arrange ments The music rs al once danceabie and slick, seiy mood music Best cuts: Mas- ter Recording Console.


Everyone must have a banquet ticket. M-no- Ailh M ih’.

No artist worked more diligently than Sun m making the rounds or one-stops, record stores and radio stations He pro- moted not only his own disks hut those of other artisLs on the Capitol label- Peggy Lee. Anderson continued his recording career and wrote mora and more songs, many of which were recorded by other artists.

Both appear on one of the best-selling reggae albums. That was Khn Novak. He feels the acts will vsant lo per- form in ihe area because in North- ern New Jersey the population is big enough lo support a healthy music scene, while ihe Rochester area, ihe home iif Kodak and 1MB. The first act to be signed to the new label was the Hootenanny Singers— an act which was an instant hit. Anv authorizations issued or returns vones as of Oct.

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Some years ago, claims Lyngstad, she was more of a typical vocalist. Industrials-Stale of the Art Thursday. Jerry Greenberg and the team at Atlantic Records did a great deal to build the group’s popularity there, but even so it was a long and slow process During the second trip, the emphasis was on television, In eluding seven coast to coast appearances which added up to the biggest ever promotional push for a Swedish act. H all limes though driving is an espcctall busccpnhlc lime.

That’s why it’s such a pleasant shock w hen people say they listen to me at all.