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They look like Fish scales. We have no physical evidence saying it’s him. She’s at a slumber party tonight. I’m guessing that it was the photos that made him snap. Didn’t like her there but she totally owns this series. So was it the son who did it? I hate to think that any child could hate their parent that much. The stabs to the left ventricle is what killed him.

I took you for more of an Upper Darby kind of guy. Click to expand Episode 1 – s03e01 Episode 2 – s03e02 Episode 3 – s03e03 Episode 4 – s03e04 Episode 5 – s03e05 Episode 6 – s03e06 Episode 7 – s03e07 Episode 8 – s03e08 Episode 9 – s03e09 Episode 10 – s03e10 Episode 11 – s03e11 Episode 12 – s03e12 Episode 13 – s03e EPS 10 The Brink. We know you cleaned up your son’s footprints. Tweets from Watch Body of Proof Online. Hang in there, kid. And I’m sorry that I made you feel that way again.

It’s consistent with physical abuse. Why did you think he killed his father?

If someone broke in, where is my dad? Except Forensics didn’t find any blood.


Yeah, I’m taking the case pro bono. I thought you were with your daughter today. Probably from a watch. We know you cleaned up your son’s footprints. Body pdoof Proof centers on Dr.

Body of Proof s01e07 Episode Script

So you got in a fight with your father the night before he died. Hunt thinks whoever killed your husband onlone up after he was dead. It hasn’t exactly been easy with the baby. Things have a way of going missing when you’re around. It’s a match, but it’s only a partial one.

He’s got defensive wounds on both of his hands. You were on pproof lunch break. A beat up Timex. Click to expand Episode 1 – s01e01 Episode 2 – s01e02 Episode 3 – s01e03 Episode 4 – s01e04 Episode 5 – s01e05 Episode 6 – s01e06 Episode 7 – s01e07 Episode 8 – s01e08 Episode 9 – s01e Dariamoloko added it to Medical drama 5 shows. We found traces of hydrogen peroxide on your husband’s face and also in the blood on the kitchen floor.

And you think I did it? Yeah, no, Lacey’s fine. This is way beyond my job description.

Manny will need a sponsor. The stabs to the left ventricle is what killed him. The x-rays show recently-healed broken ribs and a fractured humerus. And then she stabs him a few more times for good measure.


This guy was stressed about something. Anything you want to tell me? TV Series you may also like. Four stab wounds to the chest, one to the stomach. Show me your hands. You’ll pdoof my rep. Okay, I’ll let him know right now. It’s all happened within the two years since he’s been living with his uncle.

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So how was riding class? The problem is the prosecution wants to try him as an adult which could mean serious jail time.

I looked at the file you sent over. Oh, maybe our killer took a souvenir.