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Evil always has an origin story. She then starts sneering at Hajj Bahi and mocking at the fact that he gathered all these people just to welcome a doctor. It was so typical Egyptian, with thousand jokes a minute. After a few moments, her face quickly changed and she took a look around and asked the closest woman near her if they had served them food or not. Hajj Bahi tries to fix things by saying that she is indeed one of a kind. Wiki of Episode Part of a dramatic work such as a serial television or radio drama. Mennana, Sfiya and Chama Episode 1,

Once more, women are depicted as being deceitful and sycophantic. Rhimou suddenly enters the kitchen and catches Aicha in the act. This television-related article is a stub. Oh I loved that show. Retrieved 19 August Fresh Off The Boat is a newly open seafood-centric sandwich shop with an Asian skew.

In this scene, the common conception of women being gossipers and complaining about everything is vividly reinforced. Look up episode in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. She says that she knows what the women of the village are afraid of. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Although met with some resistance, the scene gives the impression that rural women can claim their rights and voice their opinions provided that there is someone to raise their awareness and encourage them to pursue recognition and equality.

The way he leered at her showed a clear sexual interest or otherwise deep affection. Retrieved from ” https: Anis, played by Oussama Bestaoui, is the new village doctor who represents an educated urban man who is forced to move from a big hospital in order to occupy a position as the new doctor of Dar el Ghezlane.


Watch exclusive Star Wars videos, including movie clips and rare behind the scenes footage, previews, and featurettes. Karima and the other women surprise everyone by shouting anti-men slogans and wearing manly clothes.

Interestingly, this scene depicts the sudden emancipation that the absence of the father figure leaves.

An episode is a coherent narrative unit alla a larger dramatic work. Retrieved 7 January However, after Karima leaves the room Mounia reverts to her former state which shows how difficult it is to change some mentalities and that sometimes affection can blind people from such egalitarian considerations.

Bnat Lalla Mennana- épisodes 28 & 29 part 1-2

Die aufgerufene Domain ist derzeit nicht erreichbar. The implication in this scene is that being a female will always attract the mnzna interest of co-workers and that no matter how good she is at her job —even after successfully performing a heart surgery- she is still looked at as a body and judged as such.

Why buy from CJB? Women in Moroccan Media First and foremost, it is of vital importance to shed some light on the the audiovisual situation in Morocco. Moving on from to a more recent time, the political scene has witnessed many efforts as far as empowering the image of women in the media is concerned.

September 21, Rated 2. After complimenting her on her successful last surgery he wishes that he assisted her.

Bnat Lalla Mennana épisodes 28 & 29 part 2-2

Morocco owns 9 free channels, seven of which are owned by the government, one that is privately owned Medi1 TV and one that has mixed ownership 2M 1. Log In Sign Up. After confirming her identity, he tells Younes that her hair does not look natural and that she is probably wearing contact lenses.


The Affliction in Us All”. They leave him lying in the ground and head for the ceremony. She explains that she is pregnant. At the first glance this might seem like an ordinary scene. Retrieved 1 August She studied high school at the University of Santo Tomas before enrolling in the University’s Bachelor of Science in Architecture program in But now we can enjoy a new season full Moroccan funny drama and lovely dramas.

Mounia calms him and says that sooner or later Karima will marry and have a house and kids like all other women. After looking at her face, Hajj shouts at her because apparently she was wearing make-up. Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Remember me on this computer.

Arabic Glory: First day of Ramadan

She speaks about the inequality that they suffer from and that men are the only ones who are privileged. Now that is awesome! Other services include IPTV which is offered by Maroc Telecom and a new service, digital terrestrial television which epsode recently began to be spread on the national level.