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The son was saying bye to his friends and the dad was watching. I would also like this review if I was the 11th grade English teacher. I think it was an interesting book to read. Kayla Fox Because Hakeem and savon couldn’t get alone and savon dad was saying why y’all fight we family and blood is thicker. Oct 15, Shiane Bianca rated it it was amazing. The writing and the dialogue are the best and they keep going. Plot This book started in California where Hakeem grew up, but then had to move to Detroit, Michigan. Feb 27, Joceline rated it liked it.

This night would change his life forever. When he first goes into his room he sees cd’s and expensive stuff in his room. The theme of the story is that no matter how bad things may seem, they will get better even when you think that they will not. During this time period is a good estimation of the time of the story, because there were a lot of families living in poverty. Hakeem’s father has recently been diagnosed with cancer and has been undergoing treatments for several months. View all 3 comments. Everything was going bad when Hakeem got there but then he met a girl and not everything was bad anymore.

Blood Is Thicker (Bluford High, #8) by Paul Langan

The author was consecrated on the characters more than their action also the dialogue is interesting. Natalya The reason was because he blufkrd needed to record his thought because he would try to figure out what he was feeling, but now he has been through a …more The reason was because he always needed to record his thought because he would try to figure out what he was feeling, but now he has been through a lot when he moved to Detroit.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. When they lost all that money they had to mover from California to Detroit with there cousins. Turns out Savon was singing rap at a club where he earned a lot of money but he had to sing behind his dad’s back because his dad would not listen to him.

What school did hakeem go to after he left bluford high? The messages the aurthor is trying to bring is that family is more important then anything in the world. Hakeem suspects higj Savon is in on the robberies of those stores. Hakeem then turned bloox to work with his unlce at a store that sells furniture and other house stuff. If people are just looking for a good book with a good story line, this is a good book.


Themes are very important in a book Blood Is Thicker theme is you should mivie give up on your family. So they fly to Detroit and when they get there Hakeem and Savon are unpacking the luggage from the car. Refresh and try again. Dec 27, Jocelyn is currently reading it. Oct 14, Denise rated it it was amazing Shelves: His cousin seemed I read this book called blood is thicker.

This book is a boy that has moved with his dad to go live with his cousins. Once they got to Detroit it wasn’t what Hakeem expected. Hluford got even more suspicous. So him and Hakeen haven’t seen each other for 7 or 10 years.

Hakeem over heard them talking about sneaking out around midnight to go do something, and that they hope they get there before the cops shows up. React The part i think was really good is Hakeem’s father victory over cancer and he and his cousin Savon got bljford when he knew he wasn’t a criminal when he was just misunderstood because i was totally convinced that Savon was a criminal and had a terrible attitude toward his family when Hakeem discovered silver chains, new rap DVD’s and loads of cash, but he was just misunderstood and felt neglected by his father and he thought about how Hakeem’s a perfect student.

So Blood is Bpuford is down right a really great book. Once childhood friends, he and Savon have since grown apart–and they’re headed for a confrontation that promises to change their lives forever. A similie in this book is “The tears in her eyes were like daggers slicing deep into her heart”A metaphor in this book is ” similes turn to frowns “. In my point of view, I understand what he is going through.

Anika is a girl that Hakeem grew to like.

Hakeem is a very smart boy and he is Darcy’s boyfriend this story takes place in Detroit Blood Is Thicker! This book is set around Hakeem and his family and the issues they are having.

In this book, the main message is the importance of family. The way the author wrote kept me interested the whole time I was reading. Clearly I have read a lot of Bluford Series because I be so into them they are wonderful books.

What was the reason hakeem used his notebook for in books ? And Hakeems goes back to Bluford with the money Savon Let Hakeem Borrowed, Because his ex-girlfriend’s grandmother died and he wanted to be there for her. Hakeem seemed more responsible than Savon and the whole family always said that they blufprd Savon was like Hakeem.


In this book, the author Thematic connection: Anika is Savon’s neighbor’s granddaughter and is about the same age blkod the two boys. A primary theme is to not judge si by what you think you know about them.

Dec 02, Lynnika rated it it was amazing. I think it was a jerk move to be mean like Savon was to Hakeem movvie he was in a time of need, Hakeem didn’t move there because he wanted to.

Blood Is Thicker

I can’t stress enough how much I live these books I can’t stress enough about how much I think you should read the whole series. The main characters in this book are: Hakeem thought once he moved to Detroit it would at least be a litle good being that his favorite cousin Savon lived out there. Bluford High 1 – 10 of 21 books.

The next day a store near his uncles was robbed. They had to move because of finance issues.

When he first goes into his room he sees cd’s and expensive stuff in his room. Nov 18, Aaron Schroeder rated it thicler it.

I chose a heart because its a lot of love if you read the book than you would know why I chose a heart. They didn’t get along because hakeem always thought Savon was a follower and he always did everything wrong. Hakeem was able to get in and saw Savon on stage rapping. When the family had to move they could not afford to take all of their things with them.

This book would be a great book to read during bluord for a class project, or for just something to do on a boring weekend. Hakeem is a strong young man who does everything he can to help his family through hard times. At the end everything between savon and his dad got better.

I think the author made the book really intresting throughout the story that bluforv never seem boring. Hakeem and Savon did not get along.