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For me it was the best anime it even got me so far to buy some actual playing cards but it got sort of ruined when the Yu-gi-oh GX series started. Cain atk mati ler Just watched it, not bad. Everything went so well, untill the end. Like I said somewhere before, real otaku doesn’t aware of surrounding. Definitly one to own on blue-ray. What anime shows have you seen and what genre’s do you prefer?

The story rapidly progresses through a number of locations: Not only that, Kagura will probably have to face her brother again. Jun 3 , Jan 22 , But it’s starting to make sense now, for now. But I loved the whole setting with the card duels. Jan 11 , If they plan to air jigoku shoujo they should air season 1 and 2.

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Altho I won’t watch them myself I’d still prefer english subhaving jp dub and malay sub imo is a very good start already. Why not some typical harem anime???? But it’s starting to make sense now, for now.

Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board. Mik Junkies is pretty funny aswell The Milk Junkies was funny wasnt it?

Hehe, I got a few left If you liked Tonadura, Skip Beat or Ef. They were messing with us by not introducing him first. Kamui looks so sweet, I can’t believe he’s an assassin. This post has been edited by kwh How they gonna deal with Yato.


LOL at the beginning. She said she was going to try this “anime” thing out but never got to it: And Kagura’s brother is awesome too. P but i also aledi watch this anime Jun 24 Started on InuYasha, see what it’s like.

I wasnt being rude, just not very nice.

Oh god this is a really big case. I don’t follow regular tv anymore. Only quickly went through the list.

Awesome Sig by Lailide. Then I thought about it. I don’t really know how Gin-san and the others will beat this. Glordit on the note of hating kira, he becomes far less emo and much more awesome reserved hero that goes uber when he needs to, especially in seed destiny. Ive noticed something any anime that involves assasins, and the main charcter breaks the norm and has a gun as a weapon instead of a sword are always kick animr. The manga just got intresting again and the anime isn’t that far back but the anime recently went a hundred years back and is stretching everything too much.

I’m a huge fan of the ps3 game Valkyria Croncles. Some scifi-style anime I’d recommend is Ghost in the Shell, it’s quite brilliant. And the other Yato too. I can’t find the others.


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Yeah just saw the newspaper. Jul 2 And so does ur mom. His name is Renton and his nleach is to ride into battle on his Nirvash.

Gallery Fake, Ride Back and White Album looks pretty good although these “new” anime’s are not as good as the old clasics. Bleach is showing at that time. I know Cartoon Network anjme Here is a list with pics and info: D ya it shud too “gore” to our malaysian audience. Lucky we won’t get to hear any horror dubbing for Haruhi XD.

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Asahina became Ashhina no kidding. Feb 17 NTV7 anime timeslot is Wednesday to Friday. Otherwise I am totaly loving all the new show’s this season: I was watching 07 Ghost and I just noticed something one of the character looks very familiar