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The only real complaint is that the washed out colour palette means spotting interactive places without mousing over them touch-and-go. Even so, I was able to beat the game and complete all the quests, so don’t think you have to pass this one up if your computer’s on the old side. Welcome to Shogun Games. Be prepared to face down lots and lots of birds. Navigate from scene to scene using the bars at sides and bottom of the screen. You’re never really challenged by any of the puzzles, unfortunately, but somehow you’re always compelled to keep playing, just to see what’s around the next corner.

In addition to that, you even get some cover-based shooting segments. Shoot and kill other players! Just make sure you steer clear of the janitor; I heard someone put a penny in a door once, and you don’t even want to know what happened to that guy. Light Wing Cool arcade style vertical plane shooter. But this future isn’t all sleek clean interfaces, equality, and universal health care; no, this is the future that would probably be the setting for one of those episodes where Doctor Who gets disappointed in the human race again. Scenery pieces are usually impossible to knock off, and knocking them off doesn’t count one way or another.

Yes, there’s a lot of music from that ill-fated decade. She doesn’t even care. Match three of that colour to heal the appropriate hero, and match four or more to unlock a special ability token that you can click to activate, ranging from spells that help clear the board to abilities that disable or otherwise hamper your enemies.

Each piece moves and captures in its own way, such as the elephant moving only in diagonals, and when the chick reaches the other side, it can be upgraded to a hen. Those are my favourites. I even was able to keep the quality on high much of the time. But the little lifeboat is a real gamechanger and often you spend more time predicting if the shots will land in it then how many pearls they will pop.


A short experience, but very well-done with an atmosphere that’s tough to beat. Voice acting can be a bit hit-or-miss, but the use of subtitles means you can turn off voices via the options menu if they really bother you. Cave Quest flips back and forth between short hidden object bitejacoer and slightly longer match-3 rounds, each relating directly to each other and the task at hand.

The upper left corner of the screen shows how much money you have left, and the right side displays a calendar that shows your progress through the month. Bennu Windows, 88MB, free – How about a little physics puzzle action to run on for your weekend? What better way to kick horror another week? Work is for suckers. Get ready for some POD fighting action! Related articles Rebuild walkthrough Tactical Assassin 3 Cheats. Levels with moving parts also reward timing.

You can grapple onto any surface and move left and right in mid-air, affording you a surprisingly non-realistic level of control. Cube Droid Saves The Galaxy is another action puzzle adventure game developed by armorgames. Try to fly as far as possible and destroy as many enemies as you can in order to earn money seceet upgrade your tripla [ I thought Toxers was a good game, but it definitely had its flaws.

However, Rather than flinging poop jokes everywhere, the entire production is still very tactful, using the “your mum” references sparingly. Click here for more information. Strangely enough, the visuals in Cave Quest look quite good. Something about the design of the board also manages to be somehow both too busy and too simplistic, and it isn’t really something that lends itself well to being stared at for long periods of time unless you have the ability to physically remove your eyeballs from your head and give them a soothing massage.


Enter buildings to explore the city, checking out various shops, the gym, stores, the university, etc. Shorty, Vinnie and Kiro finally meet their match and their skills will be put to the real test.

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The Video Game, could very well be that. You’re in the Dark Room.

Once again Otousan has built a deceptively simple four-wall room escape around a central puzzle, and this one’s a doozy in terms of color and spatial perception. A world with a lot of birds.

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In The Legend of the Golden Robot, you’ll find yourself hitting one button over and over again. Energy Physics walkthrough Labels: You can read our daily honest reviews and walkthroughs, play games, discuss about them. Inspector Vijay is taking the challenge of encount [ If you know of a great game we should feature, use the Submit link above to send it in! You Don’t Know Jack is available on a number of platformsincluding handheld and console gaming systems.

Several of these powerups alter the gameplay. They say that fish is brain food, but I’ll wager that games can feed your head just as well.

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The point-and-click puzzle adventure follows Neil, a nail naturallyas he sets out to secrett his friends from the hammers and put an end to their bullying once and for all. Entries must be submitted by March 5, Collapse It walkthrough Labels: Gobble the glowing pellets on the screen if you can, and stay on the move to haced the lurking darkness. In the mean time a new customer has shown up, ready to be moved to the inspection bay.