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He also says that he does not believe both of them have done any disservice to Saman! Saba’s parents start getting really concerned about Saba’s future and get very depressed. It is basically a Pakistani drama turned into a movie. Shiraz Uppal has done a very good job in making the music of the movie , you really enjoy the songs. This fact brings Saba and Saman closer to each other. Retrieved 22 September The serial has been in the post production for a few years now, but the writer, Farhat Ishtiaq, has confirmed that the show will air as soon as Udaari ends, and Udaari has 20 plus episodes and the 20th episode aired on Sunday so please go do the math and conclude when exactly will Bin Roye Ansoo reach our Tv screens. Soon the Grandmother feels that it would be good if Saba gets married to Irtiza, as this will benefit Irtiza and Maaz, as they are lonely, and it will also benefit Saba since she has always been in love with him.

Whole movie is filmed in two homes in Pakistan and for one they force you to assume its America. OK, firstly, the film went too fast. The story quickly moves through years without any visual justification and many characters get introduced only to be forgotten soon in the next scenes. Retrieved 21 July One day Irtiza sees Saba’s mother crying and stating what bad did my daughter did, and why is her life so difficult, Irtza hearing this tells Saba’s mother that he wants to marry Saba! VeryFilmi is a one-stop entertainment hub for all movie, TV and music enthusiasts.

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One should admire Mahira khan’s acting skills in the movie, i’m anxiously looking forward to her bollywood debut in Raees.

Bin Roye Theatrical release poster. He confronts Saba about it on a number of occasions but Saba rudely reverts stating that such things take time, and to not interfere in her personal matters.


He gets angry and leaves, leaving Saba upset anspo anxious about hurting Irtiza! Their folks reside together as a combined family eate their ancestral home in Pakistan. Saba gets very rroye hearing this proposal, as she is extremely guilt ridden, and says that she will never marry Irtiza!

Movies All Pakistan Bollywood Hollywood. In the movie, Saba Mahira Khan is head over heels in love with her cousin Irtiza Humayun Saeed who has no clue of her feelings.

First half of the film was superb, whilst the second half dragged a bit. Story Bin Roye is a saga of obsession in love that develops jealousy and rivalry between two girls for one perfect match.

Screenplay is also written by Ishtiaq, while cinematography is done by Farhan Alam. Art in its most beautiful form is pure, enlightening, dignified dwte entertaining. By the end of its run the film had collected 11 crores approximately from Pakistan.

Mahira Khan’s performance anslo absolutely amazing and highly commendable – not only did she look too beautiful for words in every scene, she had the acting skills to match.

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While earlier, during a live chat, Mahira Khan took us to the editing room of MD Productions and said, “Guys, I’m telling you the drama will go on air next year on Eid. Bin Roye — Teaser 1.

Soon Saba learns that Saman is not her cousin, but her elder sister, and that Saman was adopted by her uncle when she was a baby. Irtaza strikes a chord with her in USA, and eventually falls in love with her but does not confess. And if anything ever happens to him she will die! Alr follows is a tragic story of regret, remorse and reunion. The main actor was definitely too old to play the role and casting him with Mahira Khan was no doubt a big mistake They get married on her mother’s death bed.


However, Pakistani directors need to learn from their Indian neighbors how to properly make a movie. So go out and enjoy the dramq. Bin Roye to hit screens in 83 cinemas in India on August 7″. Mahira khan’s stunning beauty and admirable flawless acting, all team members are well fitted in there characters and all have well played there characters.

Saba and Irtiza get married in an intimate ceremony.

Mahira Khan Starrer Bin Roye Movie to Air on HUM TV as ‘Bin Roye Aansoo’ Drama [Watch Trailer]

Save your money guys. Soon after Saba’s realisation, Irtiza proposes marriage to Saman. Their family is shocked and they make Safeer divorce Saba. Movie has an excellent set of songs xir played really on right situation. Finally, and last-but-not-the-least; We are capable of exploring subjects that have not yet been opened up by others. This fact brings Saba and Saman closer to each other.

Hero is a big disaster, Its funny to see that guy can’t even deserve a character artist role but has been given a opportunity to romance with two girls. Retrieved 12 November Suggestion must watch this movie at-least one time you will amaze by songs too.

Firstly it’s the emotionally powerful act by Mahira, who simply excels in her portrayal of guilt-ridden soul unable to feel the power of love anymore.

Print HardcoverPaperback. After which she starts reminiscing and realises that Saba vate been in love with Irtiza all this while! The movie has one the best soundtrack I have ever listened to.