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During the deliberations, Aubrey asks Joelle if she honestly wants to be at the ranch. The former Team Silver had not spoken to each other since they left the Ranch months ago. The premiere begins with Jillian and Bob berating and scolding the nation for how fat the population has become, criticizing the home viewers’ lazy habits, telling them to change their ways, and telling them that this program will not mean anything if the home viewers are just going to sit on the couch and eat ice cream while watching this show. Shanon lost 15 pounds, Cathy lost 8, Laura lost 7, and Carla lost Ron weighed pounds after week 13, but his starting weight was displayed as at the week 14 weigh-in. While the reason is not mentioned in the episode, it was indicated later that Dan was off campus for additional medical testing at the time. February 2, at 3: Kristin loses 2 pounds.

She causes stress and tension for everyone on her team, in my opinion that does not help anyone else. Joelle equivocates and never directly replies to the question. Mandi eats one slice of pizza calories. You should always consult your primary care physician prior to starting any new fitness, nutrition or weight loss regime. I really think Joelle should have given it her all for her friend. Mike was voted into the top three, eliminating his father Ron. Alison explains that the objective of the challenge is to put on as many miles on the bike as possible in 24 hours.

Her behavior was so closely monitored in such a short time period she could not hide her true self. At the weigh-in, Damien and surprise, surprise Joelle fell below the yellow line. Mike is also upset about his dad getting stabbed in the lloser.


Bigest, the Blue team is taken to a boxing gym to train with surprise guest Sugar Ray Leonard. Jillian was ticked off because she “is not an outdoorsy girl”. At home, Mandi is now ready to help with her husband Rusty and her two sons. This week’s challenge is at the Rose Bowl stadiumand Filipe is excited to be there.

Bkggest was the first finalist weighed, and Tara was last. Everyone realizes that adjustments like these will help them keep a healthy lifestyle once they leave the ranch.

Carla Triplett and Joelle Gwynn cut from ‘The Biggest Loser: Couples’

The prize is a trip to New York City. Meanwhile, Ron experiences chest pains, dizziness and nausea, and is sent to the hospital.

Contestants battle the bulge and each other in the competitive weight-loss series. The players meet Ali outside for a challenge: Bob and Jillian each chose one team to work with, and then each team in turn picks the next team to join them, except for the final unchosen team, Liser, which gets to make its own choice.

In the at-home update, it is revealed that Carla and Joelle have not spoken to each other for several months. The challenge this week was that each contestant had to carry all of the weight that they have lost since starting on the ranch and climb up hills.

As the episode begins, the three players whose on-campus partners were eliminated in the first few weeks of the season return for a chance to rejoin the ranch.

The contestants are told that the at-home players will weigh-in the next day, but only if their team is not eliminated in the vote following that day’s weigh-in. Bob is upset about losing Filipe, Sione, Helen, and Mike, and becomes emotional while talking to his former team. At the end of the Week 8 episode, contestant Dane Patterson is shown running and apparently finishing a marathon with his wife.


None of the contestants accept the offer. If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser. Estella loses 45 pounds, or Everyone is still emotional after eliminating Jerry and the White Team.

Ok so I have read what everyone has said and what I have realized is that first and foremost everyone needs to remember this is a reality tv show for entertainment! Ron was once taking ten pills per day plus insulin, but he is now down to only one with a reduced level of insulin. Months earlier, after he was sent home but before the finale, Yesitis experienced unbearable pain. For the pop challenge, one player from each team must complete “up-downs” a “classic” football drill in the mud.

Bob and Jillian both plan to make the last-chance workouts brutal to make up for lost time. They are all excited.

Among the better results was Team Green … — Tara and Laura lost a combined 25 lbs.

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Later, Bob says he was “channeling Jillian Michaels. Totally disrespected every family and the sacred 8pm hour. During Jillian’s workout, Mike becomes frustrated, and he punches the treadmill. She was the true game player and they could not handle it.