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It is enough for today. Now Devraj doesn’t have to find me to kill me. I fired first at the watch. You leave this work. Why are you standing in the way, brother? Remember what Sunny Deol

Did you get the message? What is this happening? What difficulties did you have to face? Wait, make an entry here. Tomorrow morning come to the police station. You need 20, isn’t it?

Jeeva, listen to me. Eat the breakfast and go. You kill people for a livelihood. She herself fell down. It is all your money. Who is doing all this? The point to note in Bali’s case is that in both the cases Since morning I am looking for my purse did you see it? It seems she had come to destroy the entire building Only you knew that my men were going to come here at This is like the dress we had seen at Shopper’s Stop We will not defame our country.

But it becomes difficult for us as there are no eyewitnesses. I cannot make food ffull so many people. Don’t you recognize Devraj Khatri? So close that you can easily fire. Sir, now a days many youngsters are coming in this field. Then I killed him. I want to talk to him urgently.


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Don’t worry, we will surely win. There was some important work that is why I had to come. Now he will have to make his own arrangements for his living. It will be difficult for you to say that you are a more mean We all will have to pay the price if we want that Thanks to that chap who helped me otherwise How dare you touch my purse?

You bring the electrician, the fan has to be repaired. Hobby have done no such thing. I am always there rull you. If he would have run Go to your room. Boobby too can hit. And I start my work after 9. Sir, we have just received a message on e-mail There has been some misunderstanding in partnership. I cannot keep you with me. How will we do all this?

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Is he alone at home? You listen clearly that he cannot stay here for more than day Now will you decide for how long will my brother stay here? Don’t use your brain – Ok.


I am your loyal person. Fkll for drinks in the evening. He was going fast, I was slightly slow.

This is not a movie. How dare she touches my brother’s sheet!

All this happens in anger. And you also had hurt my ego.