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Later, Bhoomi gets a huge blow when she finds out that she is being sent to Bhopal for a company visit to Vasundhara’s company. Will Bhoomi realize about her company visit before it is too late? Vasundhara Prajapati and Bhoomi’s entire family are extremely happy as they have settled on Varun’s marriage with Surbhi and they have also agreed on getting Bhoomi married to Maan. Later, Varun gets onto the stage and dedicates an emotional song for his sister Avni and soon both of them end up getting emotional. Just when Vasundhara announces that Bhoomi’s marriage with Maan has been fixed for the next month, Rajendar reaches the scene and lies to all by saying that their guruji has advised against getting the marriage done before the next six months. Will Surbhi who has openly claimed that she does not love Varun, agree for this marriage?

The two of them are shocked when they see their parents in the temple but surprisingly both of their parents happily agree for this marriage. That night, a boy named Ansh who is a friend of Riya’s boyfriend, Saurabh, enters Bhoomi’s room and kidnaps her, assuming that she is Riya. She expresses her disappointment regarding this hurried decision made by Riya and Saurabh but Ansh seems to support the love the two hold for each other. While all begin to panic, Bhoomi uses her presence of mind and diverts the attention of Vikram’s father so that he can recover faster. Bhoomi and Riya are on their way to Swastik Textiles and Bhoomi starts to question Riya about love as she seems to be completely unaware of this feeling of love. Just then, Vasundhara appears before Surbi and starts scolding her. Meanwhile, Bhoomi too had witnessed the entire scene and she decides to speak to her brother Varun about it. Will Vasundhara Prajapati encourage Varun’s visit?

Keep watching to know more. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 20 – March 27, – Full Episode. While all begin to panic, Bhoomi uses her presence of mind and diverts the attention of Vikram’s father so that he can recover faster.

Meanwhile, Bhoomi is worried that her grandparents will not let her go to Bhopal for her company visit and her fear comes true when her grandparents learn about this company visit. Bhoomi completes her beautiful performance and Vasundhara Prajapati seems impressed by Bhoomi and her dance.


But Ansh is equally surprised when he learns that Riya has informed Bhoomi’s grandparents that he is her cousin brother.

Bhoomi Kay Sapnay

Later, Bhoomi learns that Riya will be marrying Saurabh at a temple since both of their parents are against it.

How will Bhoomi’s grandparents react when they learn of this?

Meanwhile, Bhoomi is worried as she has got a job in Indore where she cannot go without her family’s permission. Meanwhile, Maan’s parents want to inform Maan about Vasundhara’s decision of getting him married to Bhoomi, but they episkde against it as per Vasundhara’s wish. But unfortunately for Bhoomi and Riya, their car breaks down on the way.

Meanwhile, Bhoomi is not happy with Riya and Saurabh’s decision to marry each other without their parents’ consent and she speaks to Ansh who is in favour of this marriage. They call their mother Shanti but just when she is about to reach Bhoomi’s room, Vijendar’s wife decides against waking Bhoomi.

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 5 – March 6, – Full Episode. Later, it so happens that Saurabh’s mother Sarla is a friend of Vasundhara and as she learns episodw Vasundhara is in Indore, she requests her to come to the temple to bless the newly wedded couple.

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 14 – March 19, – Full Episode. Will Surbhi who has openly claimed that she bhokmi not love Varun, agree for this marriage? What will Prajapati’s reaction be when she learns that Maan is not home yet? Watch the entire function here. Bhoomi informs Ansh that her marriage has already been fixed and walks away from him.

That night, Ansh climbs into Riya’s room to get his watch back, but he ends boomi watching Bhoomi who seems to be sobbing as she is typing her resignation letter. Will Bhoomi accept this decision as her fate or will she fight for her dreams to come true? Meanwhile, Anshuman feels bad when he learns that his marriage has been fixed by his ‘badi mummy’. Avni’s grandmother, Shanthi learns that Avni will not be coming home for ‘pag phere ki rasm’ because Vasundhara has arranged for a puja.


Just then, Vasundhara appears before Surbi and starts scolding her. Next morning Bhoomi wakes up and immediately apologizes to Ansh who is more than happy to have her by his side.

Later, Bhoomi learns that she has been offered a job in Indore and she episofe to panic as her hidden secret might soon have to be out. How will Anshuman react to the news of his marriage? But things get troublesome when Vasundhara sees Bhoomi and her grandparents at Indore, waiting for a means of transport.

Shanthi and the entire family gets worried assuming that Vasundhara has stopped Avni’s ‘pag phere’ on purpose due to Varun’s actions.

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 2 – March 3, – Full Episode. Will she recognize her? She is even more surprised to learn that it was Ansh who had given them this idea. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episodes She tells them about Varun’s closeness with Surbhi during the last night’s function and she also expresses her disgust at being a spectator to such a sight.

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 19 – March 26, – Full Episode.

Later when Varun comes to leave Surbhi at her home, he learns that Vasundhara is the owner of the Swastik Textiles and he realizes that their plans of keeping Bhoomi’s job a secret is about to be out. Keep watching to find out.

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But thier trouble increases further when they find, Ansh and Saurabh exactly where their car had broken down. What wish will Bhoomi ask of Vasundhara? How will the entire ‘sangeeth’ function be sapnf Bhoomi is disheartened to know that her grandmother Shanthi is not interested in her job and she strictly warns her against doing a job in Indore.