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Marine 4-eycle Engines, special prices. Deaf Aid Attachments available on application. Sticol Sydney “”-tor” ]. Lionel Barrymore in M G M. Private Sedan Hire, 6d mile, or Quote. All creditors In the Estate of the de- ceased are hereby irqulred to send In particulars of their claims to the undersigned. Canberra, Round, 3 days. Sydney at any time during usual business hours on payment of the charge of one shilling.

Railway Square, ‘phone, MA Trophy Awards for Each Event. Sir Benjamin Fuller, Mr. Kenneth Tuckfield, Phil Smith, etc. Proctors, Elizabeth Street. Plans, Paling’s, Nicholson’s, Tivoli.

Daredevils race through a roaring romance, with Charles Qulgley, Dorothy Wilson. AY 10 ft Dinghy. J 30ft Auxiliary Cruiser. It is the gieatest laugh show of the year.

Dated this ninth day of September. IA 20th Century-rox Picture.

I 19 Bridge St. Symphony Orchestra, Clncsound Review. Excellent motor, any trial. Steamar from Clioular Quay: Manly v Eastern Suburbs Resolve Grade.

Attend tea-hour session, 5 pm. Adults 6d; Children, 2d. Scroll to next page.


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HOP look up electric Hblit newly painted. Doted this tenth day of September Ceylon, Hawaii, Queensland, etc. Mctro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s production of Rudvord Kipling’s best-loved story will live forever In your memory. NortPB is hereby given hal the price o ga- lvin le lune ned bv Olid per gas unit on ano after the.

Happiness Youth, and Success. Loading article bnale, please wait Albert Locke, of “White Horse Inn” fame. Continued on next page. Single and Double Berth. I e section of Point Piper amid dillubttui roundln0″ e”d commanding gloilous Haiboui.

HOP Butcher s lock up tiled episods excellent. Lionel Barrymore in M G M. First race 7,45 p m.

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Inspect them this week-end; or write for Illus- tratcd Catalogue. Stay at Caves House. Private Lessons daily Each pupil is taught by lip Professor who guarantees absolute proficiency. Feopened for the season Familles eypedillv lateied for Ridlnc. Nearly 40 years professional experience.


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Dance” “Stranger Than Fiction”-U. Modern compact design-Sturdy construction Excess strength and stamina-Conservative power rating-Dependability-Smooth vibratlonlcss trouble free service-Simplicity ol operation-Low fuel consumption and running costs. Little folk from the Icy slopes.