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Bullet notes Jela starts going off on Erika calling her ugly as fuck and said that she would have no problem whooping Erika’s and her friend from BGC14 Jasmine’s ass over shit about a year ago. One of Erika’s fans tells her that Jela called her a pit-bull Finally, Erika asks her fans to get Jela’s number, so that Jela would be ready to fight in Chicago and also Erika would be calling her sister to fight Jela too. April 20, – 4: Lauren needa go back to makeup skool foreal 2. The Chain Reaction 2 Endurance: Some of the twitters and instagrams of these girls have not been updated for quite a while even years but I included them anyway.

List of Bad Girls Club episodes. TeamSherry , the tribe has spoken. And Dalila’s twitter is actually DalilaVOrtiz, which has followers but wouldn’t change her rank. Welcome to tribal council. Jela is hella quick and accurate with her punches. Welcome to TribalCouncil GandenTribe. Gen X Survivor

Erika only fought Rima’s weak ass and she was holding her hair the whole time. Lauren and Jenna pick up guys in order to hgc Jasmine’s guilt about hooking up with Mike.

#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Bad Girl’s Club Star Jela

All white when she feeling godly jelamovement jelashow teamjela jelapoppin jelabihh ifollowback likeforlike followforfollow dt doubletap TAG jelaminah 3x 13 0 19 November, Second Chances The Biggest Loser 9: One at a time each castaway sfason pick 1, 2, or 3 sticks thus decreasing the amount of sticks left on the challenge field for the next player.


The episode starts with all the girls minus the twins who weren’t allowed at the jflaminah meeting up with each other and discussing their game plans. The girls attempt to draw out Kat’s inner bad girl. Jelaminah has since posted a Tumblr letter explaining what really happened behind the scenes and revealed that she was hospitalized and attacked by a security guard.

Jelaminah Lanier Fapage ✨ (@teamjela) Instagram photos and videos

Jul 25, 3. Are you and Jenna on good terms now? I heard there were an Asian blonde.

Each of you dip a torch into the flames to get fire, which insagram your life in this game. In addition to Jela, the twins and one of the cast members who destroyed their property have spoken out. Do you already have an account? Welcome to tribal council.

Los Angeles Bad Girls Club 2: It’s your time to go. Probably a whole tie.

Welcome GandenTribe to your 1st TribalCouncil. The maid of honor. Retrieved August 26, This is a BGC fight I would love to see, they both have hands.


So, hopefully you see me on the big screen soon. The original seven “Bad” Girls of season 14 left to right: She needs to stfu because if they fight she won’t be able to grab anything like she did with Rima and she will just get her ass beat.

Get To Know The BGC 14 Girls! | Bad Girls Club Photos

Appreciation is a wonderful thing: I think the azn blonde was christina when we were speculating lol and i would have loved the blonde azn, it would saeson been refreshing. Retrieved November 4, Families The Biggest Loser 7: Tocantins Survivor Instagra Discussion Survivor Be sure to tune in.

Jan 2, Supposedly Alicia and Lauren are not close friends, that they had tension before bgc. To my Best Senior ever!! Jul 25, 2. Erika easily overpowers people and is good at catching chicks on the soft spot of their heads. Game Changers Survivor