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Views Read Edit View history. Camilla and Rocky win Captain’s challenge and select members to be a part of the Red and Gold teams. The remaining girls fight for their spot in the finale. In the finale, the four remaining girls face off in the final challenges and one player reacts badly when a surprise elimination takes them out before they can finish the game. Tiana talks to Rocky about how her brothers motivate her during the challenges. Watched TV Shows in The girls head to the “Battle Bowl” Team Challenge, which Ray J instructs the girls will play a game of flag football in the mud. The girls fight for dominance and dollars in an explosive battle challenge the likes of which no bad girl has ever seen.

Elease states Rocky is her target. Valentina 5 of 5 votes to eliminate. Things get sexy in the Captain’s Challenge when the girls get up close and personal with male partners. With the Gold and Red teams formed, the Team Challenge is up next. The all-stars are pushed to the brink when the battle challenge turns out to be their worst nightmare. During elimination Ray J asks each girl to plea why they should stay in the competition. What a Tangled Web. Amy is eliminated and Camilla’s alliance is weakened.

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Then to dress in costume to reel in a handbag hooked to on a rope. Sarah, realizing that a third person will be put up for nomination, discusses with her alliance that Janelle would be the best choice in order to disband Mehgan’s alliance. During a trip to the club, two guys ask Nancy and Sarah to dance for them and begin to throw money, Rocky begins to collect some of the money thrown on the floor, that causes Nancy to confront Rocky about it.

Retrieved March 19, Elease decides to plea with the Gold Team and during elimination Paula gets emotional as she is eliminated.


Shelly worries she won’t win, and relies on her Red Team alliance to save her if she’s unable to. Retrieved March 26, The claws come out when the girls faceoff in a gladiator-style slug-fest.

In the kitchen Tiana asks Episoce who would she had put up for nomination and Elease states she’d choose someone from the Red and Gold alliance. Rocky disqualifies herself and Nancy from advancing to the next round for being unable to score her basket. Ray J instructs each team to complete an obstacle course that involves a puzzle which unlocks a key to open a box with heels inside.

Before elimination, Camilla and Elease have a conversation in the bathroom where Camilla makes sure she’s secure with Elease.

Get sdason free account. The Gold Team with more teammates pick Alicia to sit out. Track your favorite shows. With the Gold and Red teams formed, the Team Challenge is up next.

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A secret cross team alliance forms between Camilla and Elease; the competition causes someone to abruptly leave the house. Meanwhile, Mehgan becomes annoyed with Rocky and her alliance because she feels Shelly and Sarah aren’t independent and rely on Rocky, and feels Rocky keeps them around because their easy competition. Unwillingly, Camilla tries to convince Mehgan to reconsider nominating her for onpine.

Tiana is the only person in the shows history to make it to the final without ever winning an individual challenge, but ultimately winning the whole oline. The most physically demanding challenge results in two bad girls departing the game in an ambulance.

The first girl to let go of the ring will be eliminated. As the episode starts Sarah, Tiana, and Rocky discuss what’s to come and that they will eventually have to vote each other out. Every girl eliminated was showered in cow brains and cow blood, while the remaining teammates advance to the next round until the girl with the most correct answers won Team Captain.


Unsurprisingly, Rocky wins the pentathlon. Retrieved from ” https: Love Games, Season 4: For the final barrier, the remaining six members must chisel their way through a dry rock wall to free the seventh teammate. Sarah injures herself causing Mehgan to confront Sarah and the two almost end up in an altercation. Rocky and Shelly get into an heated argument over.

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Ray J wakes the girls up early to ask them what they want to do with the money. Stephanie gets eliminated and after Tiana confronts Elease for being in alliance with the Gold Team. Janelle and Nancy discuss nomination, Janelle unsure who to nominate Nancy tries to convince Janelle to save Camilla. With Mehgan winning, the Red Team becomes fearful. Andrea quits the competition forcing a revote as Paula and Elease being nominees.

From previous elimination, the Gold teams feels relieved. The last course event; an eating competition. As tensions settle, Alicia is eliminated from the competition.

Rocky feels she will be considered a nominee due to Mehgan wanting vengeance for her elimination last season. Mental ability is tested in a “Brain Games” challenge. Janelle 5 of 7 votes to eliminate. Janelle and Elease respectively win Team Captain. The girls vote results in a tie between Sarah and Janelle, leaving Elease as the deciding factor. Tension arises with Andrea, as her team feel offended with her actions during the Team Challenge.

Those with the guts to compete are separated from those that are simply sliding by.