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The cloak’s hood falls revealing that it is Kyoya. They start fighting and Gingka wins easily, but Galaxy Pegasus gets out of control. Gingka and the others are on a ship on its way to Brazil. The competing bladers are divided into three color groups and must battle in a battle royale style competition in order to earn a spot on the team. CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter Use British English from October Articles containing Japanese-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July Episode list using the default LineColor. As Gan Gan Galaxy walks along a sidewalk, they find the young man earlier on from the episode, getting out of a limo, appearing to look very wealthy as he enters a building. Ziggurat says they are the real winners of the game. Kerbecs continues to attack Destroyer and Julian starts to lose confidence, but Wales and Sophie enter the battle, causing Team Excalibur to be disqualified.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Tsubasa dreams that he is running from a dark force towards safety but before he can reach the light, he is overcome by the darkness that appears to take his form. Both Members walk up to the arena but wait! Hades Kerbecs starts to attack Galaxy Pegasus and push it back. Instead, they make the two Beys clash at each other, which creates even more frustration between Masamune and Gingka. Hikaru says the opponent they chose for him is Damian Hart and there is no data on him. The Spiral Force continues to power up to level 7. He arrives as a sedated Tsubasa is being wheeled to another room for further testing. After wishing each other luck, they hang up and wonder about Tsubasa Otori’s health.

Gingka and Masamune launch their beys to stop Twisted Tempo, but is blocked by the lightning.

Dashan use his special move, Storm Surge, and sends Gravity Destroyer through a window. Masamune neteo his friends about his history with Toby and Zeo.

Beyblade Metal Masters: Gravity Destroyer – Ep.80

Masamune runs to Toby, but Gingka tries to him because of the lightning from the Spiral Core. Kenta then enters the stadium wondering where Benkei could be. Yu then proceeds to face Masamune but time is up before they can even start.


Yu then uses two of his Special Moves but Sophie stops them and defeats Yu with ease. Ryo understands their feelings and assures dsstroyer that the WBBA will use all its resources to help Tsubasa but admits that they know nothing about the dark power, letting Tsubasa and Yu come back on.

As Julian Konzern defeats Desert Blaze. Zeo joins in to save Masamune but is blown away in one hit, Toby arrives and stops the battle and tells Team Gold-Bank to really battle them at the local tournament.

Meanwhile, Kyoya is quickly clearing away the competitors.

Ryo won’t suspend them, but he’s negotiating with the WBBA for a sub member to replace Tsubasa and Yu in the final mteo. Hikaru launches Storm Aquario and uses her special move, Aquario Infinite Assault, to defeat them and Kenta stays behind to help her. In the explosion, Leone attacks Kerbecs, shattering its fusion wheel and Hades Kerbecs stop spinning.

Gingka goes back to the stadium and finds Tsubasa and Yu on the ground hurt with their beys destroyed again. Since his last battle with Ryuga, Gingka learned new strategies since Gravity Destroyer can be a left rotating bey. Damian wants Gingka to admit he’s weak, but doesn’t it and attacks him with Kerbecs chain.

He then faces Anton and stops destdoyer.

Klaus smiles, saying he would like to battle Masamune, but they point out that Gan Gan Galaxy are yet to choose an order to battle in.

Later Wang Hu Zhong appear from nowhere and Dashan says that he hasn’t seen faces that long in a while.

Beyblade Legends Gravity Destroyer ADWD vs Lightning L-drago HF! – video dailymotion

After their little competition, they see that their beys have started to slow down. Gingka steps up and is about to battle at the end.


They take the bracelets from Kyoya and Nile and leave them behind. Archived from the original on August 6, Hikaru objects, and points out that as the Director of the WBBA, Ryo isn’t allowed to join the team according to the rule book. Ryo asks Hikaru if she plans on going back to Beyblading, however she is too traumatised by her shattering defeat against Ryuga. Tsubasa is in the hospital now with tests being done on him. Faust screams in pain as the Spiral Force increases power. Metso from ” https: For Wang Hu Zhong however, Chi-yun trains himself even harder despite winning in the previous match.

He also tells Masamune that he’s done living in his shadow and challenges him to a battle. Suddenly, they hear a commotion, and a Blader challenges beylade Blader called Wales, who is from England, to a Beybattle. He asks Tsubasa and Yu to help him test out his bey, Hades Kerbecs, and unleashes powerful energy that Gingka and Masamune can see. Finally, Yu quits the team and admonishes the others for not following suit in solidarity for Tsubasa.

Tsubasa, Yu, and Madoka go through a hallway and see paintings on the wall with beyblades as the eyes.

Rock Leone wb vs Killer beafowl Uwewd vs meteo l-drago в

He tells Damian that in the wild you are alone and you can rely on own power. Flame Byxis starts to become stronger and Zeo’s arrangement starts to increase. Hades City continues to fly over the city and the people look up yravity it.

Gingka and the others look on in shock.