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You know what i appreciate about all these characters? But it came across as a “Pretty Surprise”. JGS overacts in some scenes but overall, he’s doing a good job lol IU is so cute and don’t care about HCY because she bores me to death. I hope itll be my next FBRS! I’m glad it’s started well. I am going to wait couple more episodes before watching.. The same can be said for IU. It was fun watching the first episode

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I was profoundly surprised to see that the Beanies recap this show. Says the person who talked about “Secret” in pretty much every single “Heirs” episode thread, and who just brought up “Pretty Man” in this week’s “Heirs! The character looks more complex than itseems. She leaps up to hover over his seat on the nearly empty bus, and stares at an uncomfortably close distance. I understand that he was selling himself not just for himself but for his mother as well, he wanted to gave her a house they can live to and it broke my heart when he broke down and cry while hugging his mother’s photo.

Ma Te is being investigated to have acquired shares from the SS group illegally. Na Hong Ran returned the watch to Ma Te saying that he has to keep it with his always and that she was really sorry to have made him feel sorry for his existence. Last time I saw her was in “delightful girl. Hopefully they calm down.

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Episode 1 – introduction of characters well-presented. But she cannot use it as evidence because it was obtained illegally. And so we see that for all her scheming it had come to naught. So it is truly his generousity and thoughtfulness that Ma Te left the company which also means a great deal to him to his friend and lover instead.

Beo can already see he initiated on it with Dokgo Mate. Enz November 21, at 2: This one really surprised me, which shows again that the synopsis can be misleading.


Pretty Boy Episode nel Finale Summary Dody November 22, at That is so awesome lol! She was shocked hear this from the chairman and then worried on what ddamacrazy can do. Quirky and refreshing but with depth in a story. Nobody lectured me here, because I wasn’t the one who brought up “Heirs” in this thread rramacrazy was my first comment.

It’s always long in a weird way. We never know how its gonna be after more episode later. Drama Korea Terbaru Narashika. It couldn’t be Secret while it was airing though. He had come to Cheongdam-dong, land of the rich and beautiful, and for the first time HE fell over himself at the sight of a beautiful woman. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Watched it earlier today and was pleasantly surprised I also hope that Botong’s character will be given more depth and development.

They nearly faint when he takes a sip of water, and Bo-tongie declares that her new goal in life is to be that water. She reminds me of us all when we fangirl! Drama korea terbaru narashika movie, drama korea terbaru narashika the legend, drama korea terbaru narashika drama, drama korea terbaru nara The kiss was so light and sweet… both were smiling: I could sense creativity of writer, interesting visualization from the director, and off course, good acting from all casting.

LOL Please go back to your non-moving drama which everyone knows the ending to. Initially the general consensus was that it would be a race between MTT and Heirs. David was not left hanging. I really don’t want to get episdoe into this petty discussion, but I’m sorry, I just have to comment on this:.

While I have no problem rooting for the main couple, I want there to be a lot more between them then a girl who worships the ground upon which her oppa walks. Thats probably why they have the same vibe: She flashes back to the fateful bus ride where she first saw Mattei ten years ago, in all his windblown, backlit, shampoo commercial glory.


IU was a happy surprise. And as far as I watch many korean drama, this one is out of typical one.

He tried to in Bo Tong’s heart bust she really does not want to give it to anybody else. I hope the show isn’t changed to attract more viewers. Sad that the ratings of this drama is not as good as its counterpart but then Kudos for a wonderful ending. If you’re into gloomy stuff. What is also refreshing is that it can go from totally insane to dead serious and still be drakacrazy – and sometimes both, like when IU eipsode wrapped up in saran wrap is at his mothers side in the hospital.

Ma Te is not just a dramqcrazy man. I might have to watch this after all just to see the gorgeous Han Chaeyoung being a twistedly fun might-be villainess. When I saw him on Beethoven Virus, I really thought he’d become a great actor.

Episode 16 Pretty Boy. GoldenDiva December 3, at Asia Econ via Naver 1. I’m glad it’s started well.

[Beautiful Man] Thoughts and Recap For Episode 16

I believe or hope that there will be more. I would love to hear what’s in your mind. Even though there were a few episodes, I still would have felt sorry when the ending came. But it ended naturally and everything is in its place, the way it should be. Nicole November 20, at Bo Tong’s mother assured him that Na Hong Ran is really not a bad person but she became that way because of what has happened to her.