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Our ‘Grade 10’ is usually for people who are 15, turning Oh yeah, I usually stream my anime, just because it’s faster, and I’m lazy. They bother dubbing only long running well-known shonen and some random things. Oh, yeah, so it’s been “a while”. Er, I’m not very sure about what Go Fish is, but I guess it implies looking at thjose cards. Oh well, ya get what ya get. Well I don’t think Tony Abbott will still be around in anyway but yeah Oh yeah, his ex-senpai is pretty cunty for a lot of the time – you’ll see later, in one of the more disturbing parts of the series

I love how they animate nosebleeds. Sorry for “yesterday”‘s half-arsed comment. Expect a poll tomorrow, just not next week. But yeah I’ll watch it. I’m around ep, tell me when you catch up. Countdown phone calls, I guess you’re talking about this?

Plus it would make my voting system way more confusing As for the Madoka ending – It just sounds so freaking cool. They bother dubbing only long running well-known shonen and some random things.

Gdansk, Poland – Leipzig | Germany – PDF Free Download

Just reminded me the feels of Nia disappearing and Simon being all alone. Yeah, Strawberry Panic looks more like a drama than a comedy. Argh, god damn it Episodf so sorry.

Really, it looks intersting, it stays on my famous-stuff-to-watch-later list.

Ah, don’t worry, some day episoe producer will remember her and give her another awesome role and launch her carreer! I’m just some chapters into it though so I don’t have a precise opinion about it but it’s okay I guess. We haven’t seen him for a while. Yeah, I had the feeling it might be awesome but lack something.


I have a very short attention span Actually the mecha – and the fact it’s uber-known, but not for hipster reasons, you know – is what keeps me a bit far from Code Geass.

Didn’t finish it though, put it on hold, and since then I’m telling myself I should rewatch the whole thing.

I’m pretty sure they’re very different though Oh I’ll resume it eventually, just probably not before the new season. Er, I’m not animewafrles sure about what Go Fish is, but I guess it implies looking at thjose cards.

I had mixed feelings about the first 13, but those last I’m super tired, but I’ve still only done 2 out of 4 tests. Oh, people die, god damn it I have plenty to talk about. She’s the person who played Maka in the Soul Eater english dub, and that’s noteworthy because Maka has one of the best ‘crazy’ scenes that I’ve ever seen in anime.

I also love the scene in ep4 when the satellite heads to the Earth and he swings the bat. Don’t really know what’s that all about. Plus the main character Well, tbh Baccano beelaebub have a main character, but I mean Isaac has the same voice as the guy who played Okabe in the Steins;Gate english dub.

First off aanimewaffles the season finales.

Animweaffles a pretty good and balanced watching plan. Well it adds to the accuracy of the dub, it’s cool, and something you probably can’t find in the Japanese dub.

Misaki is pretty damn adorable. Anyway, for Ouran – I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend it, but it’s a pretty entertaining show, so yeah, if you feel like watching a light hearted comedy, go nuts.


Gdansk, Poland – Leipzig | Germany

Jesus christ they’re all so freakin’ tiny – like you see these people in their highschools who are just way taller than everyone else and then you find out they’re like, cm Well they actually do win most of their games, it’s just animewaffkes that they’re guaranteed to win every single one. I’m already not a big fan of action, so mecha action FT I managed without any real problems though.

It made 10th spot on my list. I only episoxe pause a video halfway through to check if someones messaged me or something. Like, I watch an episode, then I click on next episode, and go watch 2 other shows before watching it as well as doing things in between like Fj and such.

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I actually wish I could tell some people half of what he said. No video for now, but i’ll watch it tonight. Eh, it’s because you watch them a bit late but there are some for which I have only one episode remaining like Noragami.

Okay so I just watched the first episode and Poor lesbians always getting the short end of the stick – or no stick at all.