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Retrieved May 6, With no support, no intelligence and no assistance from Castle, she must unravel a conspiracy that leads back to Senator William Bracken and his bid to become president. The team investigate a couple whose files are missing from the office, and find a perfect, priceless, karat diamond is at the heart of the mystery. The team has to find the guy’s killer and the baby’s parents. At first they believe the killer might have wanted her high-profile client list. Retrieved March 25, Symbols on the woman’s body and the items left in her apartment seem reminiscent of The Da Vinci Code.

With Bracken in custody and a light caseload, Castle and Beckett turn their attention toward finally getting married. A call leads the team to a Wall Street broker’s body. Castle is called in to negotiate a hostage crisis involving a murder suspect who will only speak to him, and puts his life in danger when he exchanges himself for two of the hostages. Then a second person walks into the precinct and makes the same confession. Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. Beckett is recruited to assist on a Narcotics investigation, but a routine mission turns deadly when an undercover operation goes awry. After six weeks apart, Castle surprises her at her apartment, where he causes some trouble when he attempts to help her with a classified case.

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Castle is intrigued while Beckett is dismissive, but their investigation eventually leads them to the true killer, and events begin to play out eerily similar to Simon’s stories. A renowned relationship therapist is murdered. Retrieved February 4, When a seaosn young pop star is found dead in an alley, Castle and Beckett delve into the victim’s out-of-control hard-partying lifestyle, but as they dig deeper, a shocking revelation threatens to rock their investigation.


Retrieved October 31, Retrieved September 21, A man Beckett has been secretly following is found dead – and then a notorious criminal involved in the first death is killed with Beckett’s own gun. The FBI continues to track leads to the person who stole the deadly chemical.

Retrieved December 9, The remaining episodes of the season were broadcast the same becklrbee as ABC.

Alexis and Pi have moved to their own apartment. With the case resolved, Beckett is returned to active duty thanks to the support of an influential man met during the investigation.

Investigating the death of a Wall Street trader leads Castle and Beckett cstle discover that the victim was an undercover informant for the U.

Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a popular couples’ and relationship therapist. After six weeks apart, Castle surprises her at her apartment, where he causes some trouble when he attempts to help her with a classified case.

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The initial suspect in a grisly murder, Simon Doyle Joshua Gomezclaims to be a time traveler from the future who has come back to prevent a disaster. Meanwhile, Castle’s relationship with Alexis breaks down when he insults Pi in public.

When Esason team investigates, they discover that the victim was involved in a hostage situation and rigging the lottery. Castle returns home to discover that Alexis has brought a new boyfriend, Pi, back from her trip to stay with her, but he is soon taken into Federal custody, where Beckett tells him he was exposed to a deadly chemical agent and has only one day to live.


A man stumbles into a church carrying a baby boy before dying from gunshot wounds.

Meanwhile, Beckett experiences the perils of being engaged to Castle first-hand when tabloid reports emerge of Castle reuniting with his ex wife. Retrieved November 6, September 16, [48].

Richard Castle Kate Beckett. Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved January 7, A woman wakes to find her boyfriend murdered in her apartment.

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Retrieved April 29, Esposito and Ryan 66 a former TV star’s murder, but Beckett and her partner take over the case and do not want them, or Castle, involved. Retrieved November 12, It is a race against time, since they need the antidote for Castle who has been infected with the chemical. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Retrieved April 22, Retrieved October 1, Faced with an elaborate frame-up, she has caslte choice but to run.

She eludes police and takes hostages and waits for Castle to help her.