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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The arguing which lead to sexual tension. Books by Bec Botefuhr. There were a few things that bothered me. I could not stand her at the very beginning. I think one of the glaring issues that kept recurring was the use of colloquialisms. Maya who witnesses a violent crime and is placed into the witness protection program. Plus, she was supposed to be there for her protection but how could they protect her when they spent so much time drinking.

I liked that the friendship with Nate was still as close as it was in the first book, if not closer. She wants Ryder, and he wants her but he has a persistant ex who keeps popping up where she isn’t wanted and a killer insistent on driving her to insanity. A female gets raped with a knife by the crazy serial killer and she’s flirting with a man at the hospital after being rescued?!?!? My original thought was to rate this book 2 stars, but the part near the end when Maya, her sister and another victim were being captured by the serial killer changed my mind. Mainly because it has such a twist to it, Nate being gay of course! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Unless I’m mistaken the setting was supposed to be LA and all of the characters were American. She was young and very immature. But he pulled through and all 3 of their relationship was stronger than ever! Marry me Maya, because my life without you is empty. Refresh and try again.

Maya presents a challenge for Ryder and Ryder has problem accepting that challenge. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I would love to hear more from Nate and even Sandy or Mark pov or books of there own.

Witness Protection (The Witness, #1)

And why didn’t it upset Ryder??? This made it almost impossible to connect with the characters because it happened so consistently. So silly and unbelievable. I liked the first book better, Maya still is in my opinion to Clingy.


I expect some professionalism out of him. Apr 13, Crystal rated it it was amazing. When he was thinking of law school it was Harvard bu It was a quick read but had some strangeness to the dialogue- I. The whole being kidnapped, finding parents, being a twin was unexpected. At witnews point I have to add that I understand that for the sake of the story Maya has to stay in the same house with the cops in order to being protected, but aren’t there rules against having a relationship with a person involved with the case?

Liked the 1st better.

Witness Protection (The Witness, #1) by Bec Botefuhr

He wanted her to trust botefjhr but yet wouldn’t come out with his secrets. Apr 17, J rated it really liked it. And that dialogue was worse than a time traveller from the ‘s.

Also the constant mix up of words like: Does he do this for this own selfish reasons? Because I loved her despite that!! I mean look at it! As the story continued for Ryder and Maya, things heated up even more and few curve balls were thrown in as well. They live in a gigantic house. Well, lets just say Maya is a heck of a lot more patient sseries I would be hide spoiler ] Overall engaging, but with too many issues wltness be a great read for me.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Want to Read saving…. They fast become best friends and she sees him as her confidant but when what he and Ryder hide is revealed And then, when her year-old sister came over, she went and got bottles of wine?


Witness Protection (The Witness, #1) by Bec Botefuhr | LibraryThing

I loved her connection with Nate and I adored her connection with Ryder. If she’d asked him point-blank about some things and he just didn’t divulge the info, that’s one thing. He’s supposed to be a cop which he reminded the guy who handed Ari off to them when they tried to tell t I couldn’t finishing it.

I could not stand her at the very beginning. So, I have another freebie from this author that I hear is also good, and I’ll give it a shot. They never do that on Hawaii I would love Bec to write a dream scene with Ryder and Nate together with Maya watching them!!!!

Sister even comes over to the “protected” house. Feb 19, Sue Silver rated it it was amazing.

Witnes many times did he yell at her and call her a little shit!? The other side of this story is the romance and the flirting between Ryder who is a Dom and Nate who is gay. I think the storyline could have been developed better if it was a longer book. Now they are back, and hotter than ever. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He is gay, blonde, tanned, and a cowboy Does it get any better I didn’t think so!!

I will leave it at that.

Witness Protection

He would have raped her!! When Maya Traydon sets out for serles journey home one night, it ends up far from being a normal night as she ends up being witness to a murder being performed by a sadistic serial killer. There were a lot of good things about the book.