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Meeting NewMindcracker at the Town Hall and noticing that some areas are dark enough to spawn monsters Reconstructing the bridge from his house to spawn Correcting what he had said about lighting in the Town Hall and changing some minor floor designs. Trading with villagers to get chainmail Enchanting at the Ender Ender Working on the box seats in the Arena. Talking about music from from one of his favorite authors Killing chicken montage Discovering mcgamer has encased the “E” in the arena with cobble Discussing the identity of the pranker while removing the E. Opening Christmas presents Building a chandelier in the new Nether Hub Looking at chandelier designs on a creative world. On 5 December , BdoubleO and his wife Nicole announced they were expecting their first child, [8] later revealing the gender to be female. Working on box seats in the Arena Working on competitors entrances to the Arena. Farming dark oak wood Removing the upside down building company building Dinnerbone made Talking about how much he appreciates his viewers Rebuilding his building company building. Shipping discs for the Record Shop.

Episode 31 – The Arena”. Working on the water feature in front of the arena Constructing roads in the village. This page was last modified on 6 September , at MindCrack Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer. I can’t get this thing out of my mouth! Mindcrack Server – Episode 66″.

Experimenting with cowboy-themed armor and weapon textures and sounds Leading newly-tamed donkeys by horseback and boat back to Mudbucket Having shootouts with skeletons at night.

Minecraft :: Mayan Temple :: Mindcrack Server – Episode 70

Discussing changes to the arena Visiting the Ender Ender. Discussing his design choices for the interior Trying to get a silk touch pick Explaining retaining walls.

Discovering another prank by the E Pranksterreplicating an early house from “Building with BdoubleO” Working on a house near bdoublek100 prank. Accident caught with FalconEye 4 cam dash cam. Beautiful Little Moment Game Grumps.


Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Senbonzakura Household Objects Version. Taking a Zisteaunian shower Lining the base of the arena in obsidian and sandstone.

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MindCrack Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer. Seaxon about his child, explaining the premise of the new server Exploring the server. Testing how high the “resurrected” horse Climb 1 can jump Giving updates on numerous off-camera updates he had made in Mudbucket Making aesthetic additions to generikb’s clock tower.

Searching for diamonds and iron for his beacon Prepping to cure a zombie villager.

Giving a quick tour of changes to the village Discovering an “E” of ice above the beacon with snow and leavers below Discussing plans for a Nether tunnel and working on his house above the arena village.

Introducing Dinnerbone as the Mine Wars finals judge Touring both mines Discovering an incomplete “Home Depot” sign replicated from an old single-player world created by the E Prankster Defeating generikb in the Mine Wars competition, then detonating his own mine with TNT.

Trying to determine who renamed the arena and left the contraption above the beacon Interrogating AnderZEL and Orange Wool Adding details to buildings in the arena village.

Exploring mijdcrack ravine Walking through the finished walls in his home Looking at Guude’s lot and animals. Discussing and using shaders Talking about his plans for a contracting business on the server Building a store for his contracting business.

Showing unusual baby cow behaviour Giving an update with Docm of his witch farm Talking with Pyro and generikb about Pyro’s poisoned plot. Fighting a zombie siege on Mudbucket Leaving Mudbucket for the Spawn village Finding a sign from “E” telling Bdubs to go home before the map reset Checking out the prank on Guude’s spawn house and looking for evidence of the E Prankster at BdoubleO’s spawn home. Visiting the club in the Arena village Walking through the Nether to generikb’s home Exploring a Nether fortress Caving at Generikb’s place.


After the fight, the group established the beacon in front of Town Mindcgack. Working on the flooring of the arena entrance Working on building columns.

Slaying of the Wither – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

Starting to rebuild his house at Spawn Talking about his desire to use snapshots on the server. Decrying poor bdouboeo100 rates at Doc’s witch farm Building a fishing shack.

The International 5 – Dota 2 – Dia 2. Constructing his house on his plot Exploring the town Burning Arkas’ shed Visiting the farm at the edge of town. He has worked on a massive construction project to build the Arena.

This page has been accessed 13, times. Explaining the story behind the formation of the B Team Detonating TNT at Etho’s new base and filling his chests with cobble Trying to retrieve generikb’s stuff. Working seaon decorating the arena entrance.


Mindcrack Server – Episode 64″. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Mindcrack Server – Episode 69″. BdoubleO has a younger brother Joe, known as Pungencewho also does YouTube full time, [4] and a younger sister Abigail “Abbye”, mindcrcak cosmetologist.

He messaged Guude one day to ask if he could make an intro music for him. He has suspended the series since the Mindcrack server started using snapshots of Minecraft.