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However, the Board concluded that the same concerns applied for theatrical release and a cuts list , mirroring that issued for DVD and Blu-ray release, was issued. After the implied ejaculation of Milos into Laylah’s mouth, remove the entire shot of Jeca licking the lolly stick and wiping the edges of her mouth and then smiling at Milos mischievously, shrugging, and licking the lolly stick again. In rapid montage, remove shot of Jeca sucking ice lolly intercut with the shots of Milos’ face as he penetrates man’s eye socket and close shots of female genitals. Cuts were also required to remove shots which imply that children are witnessing sexual violence, sometimes enthusiastically, or where images of children are intercut with images of sexual activity and sexual violence. Srpski Film – A Serbian Film also includes very strong visual and verbal sex references, including to bestiality and paedophilia, very strong language, strong language, and strong nudity, including sight of prosthetic erections. Raindance appears to have found a way around the ban by billing the screening as a private event. After close shot of Milos’ face, remove close shot of Milos’ buttocks and scrotum as he thrusts against into his young son, forcing a mixture of blood and excrement to squirt from the child’s anus and down his thighs.

Radivojevic has defended the movie, calling it an a diary of our molestation by the Serbian government. The cuts to A Serbian Film do not detract from the message of the film but remove the most problematic images of sexual and sexualised violence. The showing moved Spain’s Catholic Confederation of Family and Student Parents Concapa to lodge a complaint with Barcelona’s public prosecutor for minors. In some scenes Milos witnesses, or is forced to witness, acts of sexual violence, including the suggestion that a new born baby is being raped. While you don’t actually see anything as such, the repeat viewings could be seen as being titillating and arousing for certain viewers. Real life is not filtered, so some would argue why should film? More on the cancellation.

I’ve seen it, and it is very shocking in places, but overall it left me feeling that the movie I’d conjured up in my mind was far far worse than the one I’d just seen. The police with their usual, the complainant is always right, attitude didn’t check with the BBFC before raiding the store for a perfectly legal film. The Danish release on the Cinematic Vision label is uncut but has no English subtitles for the Serbian soundtrack.

See article [pdf] from censorship. Something that shows a nice direction, rather than a director who wants to get to the nasty crowd upsetting moment. After close shot of Milos being held around the neck, as we hear Jeca’s mother gasping following Milos’ ejaculation over her face, remove shot of Jeca leaning forward and smiling with satisfaction.

The joint rape, is something I missed a lot in.

To give the film a green light one week, and rescind that decision three weeks later, with potentially significant effects on the stores that bought copies and the distributor which supplied seriban, sends a message that our classification system is fickle and inconsistent. For what it’s worth i have just watched the full uncut fim.


In the cut version, the rape of the baby occurs entirely offscreen, implied only by the sounds of the baby crying and by the reactions of the onlooking Milos and Vukmir.

This includes sight of masturbation, oral sex, group sex, and sexual thrusting, as well as simulated ejaculation onto a woman’s face. After Milos continues to look at camcorder image, remove close shot of erection forced into Laylah’s mouth as her head is firmly held in position.

Always a difficult place to bbtc from. A Serbian Opening Date See trailer from youtube.


This includes a scene in which images of a young girl sucking a lolly are intercut with a scene of fellatio, a scene in which the same young girl appears to lean forward excitedly as she witnesses a scene of violent fellatio, and a scene in which Milos’ brother is fellated by a woman whilst watching a family video, featuring his young nephew.

It doesn’t look like some snuff film from Tijuanna. It made the news for being being banned in censorial Australia before it could be shown at the Melbourne international film festival. Very strong visual and verbal references to sex and sexual violence also occur, including to bestiality and paedophilia. The fact remains that you’re tut-tutting at a modern film you haven’t seen, as just you sheepishly admit. Simon Kinnear Aug 31, at 2: Cuts required to remove portrayals of children in a sexualised or abusive context and images of sexual and sexualised violence which have a tendency to eroticise or endorse the behaviour.

It was absolutely unbelievable.

Later in the film, when Milos refuses to participate in the acts required of him by Vukmir, he is drugged and forced to continue filming against his will. The consumer advice is Contains very strong sexual violence, sex and violence. What I do see though, is a film that suffers from what I like to call chainsaw massacre syndrome. Meanwhile the Sun has fun with the ‘vile’ A Serbian Film. I say my better judgments, because for me these I hate this term torture porn films, hold absolutely no interest at all.

But it will have to be for a good reason. Subsequent attempts to screen the uncut version of the film at various locations around the UK have proven unsuccessful, with a number of local authorities taking Westminster’s lead and refusing permission for the uncut version of the film to be shown, most notably in Bournemouth where a proposed screening in October at the Horror Film Festival was blocked.

While all the above scenes are shocking and uncomfortable to watch, this film IS very good.

Publicists whispered to journalists serbisn the film was truly vile. How is a very literal and obvious allegory of Serbia’s dark past an intelligent treatment? The fact that this was a ‘private event’, with no admission being charged and to which only invited guests zerbian access, meant that the local council felt it had no authority to prevent the screening taking place.

A minority of the Board is of the opinion that the film contains a depiction of explicit sexual violence [the toothless blow job]at 71 minutes and the film therefore must be Refused Classification.


Concapa argued the film offended human dignity and the underage. Thanks to Angelus Having seen today’s article about A Serbian Filmit seemed to me that the debate throws the so-called dangerous cartoons law into sharp relief. Nowadays, Channel 4 and its spin-offs seems to be showing cutts early Saw films on constant rotation, and you can go and buy Martyrs in HMV. Scene to be believed The Alice in Wonderland scene is actually the tamest of the film, while it is quite nasty, the child element something that has caused the main problem with this film is not that bad.

After shot of man locking cuff to edge of bed, remove medium shot of Jeca’s mother with naked buttocks serbbian towards camera and legs’ pulled apart. We have a duty to investigate such claims and in agreement with the manager of the shop took a copy away to view serbiab check that it was the edition that has been approved by the British Board of Film Classification for distribution.

Another scene I thought I saw more was the death of the nurse. fi,m

A Serbian Film is ‘most cut’ movie in 16 years

One was a request by Spain’s Catholic Confederation of Family and Student Parents Concapa for the film to be yanked from San Sebastian’s Terror Week — a petition that appears to have prompted the temporary injunction. This time I noticed the camera man kick them to illustrate them being theresomething I missed last time, as I knew what was coming due to internet spoilers.

So it appears that the Australians will see a version similar to the cut UK release. It forced directors and editors to be creative.

SRPSKI FILM – A SERBIAN FILM | British Board of Film Classification

Did you not have the chance to oversee the edit before it happened? It’s important to understand that these films weren’t programmed because people have dubbed them as ‘controversial’, he said. Given the film’s reputation and the need to arrive at a serian as soon as possible, the film was viewed by two examiners, plus the two Senior Examiners. The company recognises that the film is an uncompromising, artistic and political statement from a unique filmmaking vision and remains fully supportive to the director.

How can I avoid being a hypocrite, without choosing all…or nothing? The film was pulled from the event, but officers did vet several unrated short films and succeeded in getting another minute movie dropped. This Serbian language film with subtitles is about a former Serbian porn star, who is lured seerbian of early retirement by an offer of money to participate in an ‘artistic’ porn film for the ‘foreign market’.