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Zach was dissatisfied when godfrey answered what move are you most proud of with big moves are overrated, i used my social game. I think sarah was better at finessing the open minded portion of the jury than godfrey was. Zack pimped her out to bobby. Kevin and Bruno played much better games up until these ridiculous twists. May 27, Updated: Final HoH — Round 2: For your information my comments are just as useful as yours mr Saracrybaby.

Kevin and the fembots were the only one not scared to make a move this season and I would have liked Kevin to stay in the game for longer. Its your body, your beliefs, and your rights to do what you want. The editing was annoying at times, and the twists were too much, but the cast was pretty good, the competitions were creative, and there was a lot of gameplay though there ere a lot of gameplaying mistakes too. Stupid bobby would have gave credit to the chop chop? May 29, I knew Godfrey would win the first comp and Ash the second.

I figured God would beat Ash for sure, but at this point it looks like Sarah is taking the K. To have it progress to a dying patient in bed, unable to communicate with family members looking to you for support?

I really feel that way.

I cant take side this time…. It featured sixteen HouseGuests, an increase from the prior two seasons. On the last Side Show they showed clips of the first 6 entering…but that did not include Pili.

All you can hope for in any season, however, is that one of the best players ends up winning. May 28, Retrieved March 29, And Bruno choosing to not use his did as well. She used her only consistent character trait, persuasiveness, to get a spot in the final two. Instead Kevin gave Sarah the benefit of that decision. Ash was also very classy with how she handled leaving in the worst position third. Watch the documentary Super High Me.


Zach nominated his target Godfrey against his closest ally Jordan on Day Do I think Bobby would vote for Godfrey over Ash?

Its fine what you want to believe. Retrieved April 5, But the game is interesting enough on its own. So happy, finally a contestant I chose from the beginning won.

An argument ensues but is cut short to be shown on the Wednesday show. Sindy began working to secure the votes to evict Jordan from the House. He looked around to Bobby a couple of times when thing were said. Will is proud to be associated with you, being a fellow member of the Troll Society, But are you both members of the Sheep Obsession order as well? Godfrey probably realized that he was playing a losing game either way.

Jordan and Bruno asked sarah questions, but were assigned finalf ask godfrey questions.

Big Brother Canada | BBCan 3 Finale –

So if you are as rational as you claim, you would see this for yourself. The third season of Big Brother Canada began airing on 23 March Sand is pouring out of a container and the 3 players must fill a bucket, run it up the stairs, and pour it back in to the same draining container.

Toronto, Ontario originally from Zimbabwe. Thanks Simon and Dawg for the updates. Bobby won the “Wall to Wall” endurance Head of Household competition that night. It is the first season to feature a triple eviction, a twist that has been used in later seasons. Sarah deserved the win! US live feeds are also much different than Canada.


Big Brother Canada (season 3) – Wikipedia

Kevin and Bruno played much better games up until these ridiculous twists. Well, not always so sweet, actually. Ashleigh Godfrey’s choice to evict. The series moved to Global Television Network with this season, previously airing on the smaller Slice channel. And there better be no Frankie Grande this summer or we find Grodner and kill her. May 27, 8: Houseguests aside, here are a couple of observations about season three of Big Brother Canada that could serve as suggestions for season four: Many made it pretty clear that they were going to award their votes to anyone but Godfrey.

Who Won Big Brother Canada? Season 3 Finale Results

Godfrey, the winner of the final Head seaspn Household competition of the season, elected to take Sarah to the finals with him instead of Ashleigh. Alcohol is x worse for your body than some finlae.

Do you know what its like to hold a patients hand while they tell you they wish they never smoked in their past? The players who get hurt the most by the twists are the ones who get overconfident, comfortable and stop playing the game with all sides of the house.

Oh my gosh this is awesome!