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They are also assigned a new company commander to replace the former ancient and senile officer, who has died en route; it is Didrich, who has been recalled to the colours. Celebrating after the successful raid, Alfred, who has joined the group, has too much to drink and climbs onto the parapet , where he has both hands blown off by an exploding shell. In his nineties, nearly blind, confined to a wheelchair and probably suffering from dementia , Severin lives alone in his mansion, which it is soon clear is the same mansion formerly owned by Didrich. Tearfully she admits to Severin what she has done, but he says he knows and forgives her. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Inge was Severin’s grandmother and he asks Claudia to read it to him. She tries to sell the jewellery she has stolen from Severin, but the jeweller becomes suspicious and calls the police and she flees back to the mansion.

Realising his country is defeated, King Christian surrenders, although Monrad, abandoned by Mrs Heiberg, still tries to persuade him to continue fighting. As he leaves, the Baron shoots himself. Devastated, he disowns Laust. It follows two brothers from a remote village on Funen who enlist in the Danish army just before the outbreak of war, and experience the horrors of combat in Schleswig. The children then sit in school, lectured by an emphatic teacher and it becomes obvious that many of their fathers are fighting in the first Schleswig war. The Baron asks Johan about Didrich, who is in a prisoner of war camp in Hamburg , and Johan bitterly tells him the truth: In Berlin, King Wilhelm , his minister-president, Otto von Bismarck , and his chief of the general staff , General Helmuth von Moltke , greet Denmark’s sabre-rattling with disbelief but also relief as such a war would fit perfectly into Bismarck’s plan of placing Prussia as the dominant power in the German Confederation. It received a good reception in the UK.

Didrich, too, who is increasingly becoming a dissolute alcoholic, has feelings for Inge, although she is only a child. They are now commanded by the highly competent Prince Friedrich Karlthe Prussian king’s nephew, who has replaced the year-old and increasingly senile Field Marshal von Wrangel. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Johan infiltrates the Prussian lines the night after the battle and collects all the papers, letters and photographs from the bodies of his dead comrades.

Laust goes to work for the Baron as a stable boy. Monrad’s plans are finally realised when he announces that Denmark has fully annexed Schleswig and Prussia decides to declare war.


Most of Didrich’s company are holding the trenches, although Dinesen’s men are with the main body of the brigade who are forming a reserve behind the lines.

By episode two, Didrich is a fully blown bastard with a bottle permanently in one hand and a whip drma the other, lest an unlucky peasant or gypsy should pass by at the wrong moment.

It received a good reception in the UK. It also features actual historical figures such as Danish prime minister D.

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The series divided reviewers in Denmark; some were enthusiastic, praising the lavish cinematography, while others considered the cost should have been used for other programming, especially more Scandinavian noir. Episode one We begin in modern-day Denmark, where a frustrated history teacher addresses a bc4 trip of bored teenagers in front of an indifferent windmill. Back in the village, Inge realises she is pregnant by Laust. They leave with Inge and both end up kissing her.

Image popup DR1, Photo credit: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As a result Tom Buk-Swienty, the series’ historical consultant, believed that that sort of debate was inevitable.

Claudia is among them, wagging off with a boyfriend to smoke weed by a gravestone for the fallen in the war that would decide the shape of the modern Danish constitution. After a quick meet cute between 186 newly formed love triangle of Drqma, Peter and Laust, we are suddenly jolted forward to present day, where Claudia, it becomes clear, has lost her brother in bcb4 more recent war — probably Afghanistan.

Rather than just a straight period saga, we skip back and forth between the present day and the buildup to the second Schleswig war of Later, Didrich, drunk as usual and unable to find Inge, rapes Ignazio’s beautiful, mute daughter Sofia, who keeps the attack to herself. Laust runs back on the pretext of finding a lost knife but, of course, he ends up with Inge in the long grass, darma what nature intended, while Peter goes on ahead.

A tale of love, war and politics Taking place in the years of the war oftwo brothers’ destiny falls victim to the dealings of politicians in Copenhagen as the brothers are called to war against Germany Prussia. The Baron chastises his son and gives the gypsies work in the harvest.

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Despite the children growing up over the course of the years, he always appears to be around the draka age and could have done with a bit of talc in his hair for the later episodes. At the harvest festival celebrations he propositions her, but she slaps his face and runs away. He finds little Laust in the orphanage in which he has been abandoned and adopts him as his own son. Djargo, who has escaped during the barrage, finds Didrich and stabs him in the thigh, but is killed by a stray bullet before he can finish off his sister’s rapist.


Loading comments… Trouble loading? She reluctantly goes, stealing a bike outside the job centre just to prove her street cred. Still believing both Laust and Peter to be dead, she accepts, although she becomes hysterical when her erama, whom she has named Laust after his father, is taken from her; Didrich has made it clear that he does not want another man’s bastard.

1864 – A story of love and war

bhc4 Monradmeets famous actress Johanne Luise Heibergwho begins to encourage him in his nationalist ideas. It is the most expensive Danish TV series to be made so far.

Monrad tries to persuade the new king, Christian IXthat declaring war would show the people that Christian, who was born in Schleswig and grew up speaking German, is a true Dane.

Johan mysteriously manages to cure Laust of his pneumonia and he returns to the company. On location with The war against Germany Prussia took place in South Jutland and this is an obvious place for you to get close to the history of the show.

A woman at the job centre does her a favour and gets her some work visiting an ageing Baron. It is based on two books by Tom Buk-Swienty about the Second Schleswig War of between Denmark and Prussia and Austria which ended in defeat for Denmark and the loss of a quarter of its territory to Prussia.

Finally, the Prussians attackbeginning with a remorseless six-hour artillery barrage. Click here to expand or collapse this section On location with The war against Germany Prussia took place in South Jutland and this is an obvious place for you to get close to the history of the show. While looking for things to steal to finance her boyfriend’s drug dealing, Claudia finds a handwritten journal, which turns out to be Inge’s memoirs, written just before her death in