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Thanks for the heads up about the review, Brian. I think the second series improved on the first and fleshed-out the personal background stories a lot more. Those who did get to see the series and enjoyed it may be interested to know that according to Wikipedia:. Yeah, they definitely mention Aberystwyth by name, but you’re right, they’ve fictionalised the name of the police force, and I’m not sure if they even mention Ceredigion specifically. So it is not clear that Aberystwyth is meant to be the setting or whether it is standing in for a fictional town. I missed it, so will have to catch up. Incidentally; I know it was shot in winter or maybe summer, given that it is Wales – joking!

Hope your will be filled with delicious crime fiction. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: So it would be likely that they might have a range of dialects. An interview with Ed Thomas and Marc Evans. I think the second series improved on the first and fleshed-out the personal background stories a lot more. Hard to know about Netflix. The body of a young woman is found recently buried by some night-time poachers.

Although S4C is a public service broadcaster it is not part of the BBC and is based more on the model of Channel 4, partially funded by advertising; unlike the BBC domestic service which is entirely funded by the licence fee. Is this the reverse of the American trend for British actors as major villains, are we going for Scandi actors as villains?

Read an interview with Hinterland actress Mali Harries.

Oh, how I hinterlandd I could tune in! And a very Happy New Year to you too, Blighty! For those curious or interested, details can be found on their website:. Disenchantment, Netflix review – Matt Groening show has promise after poor start Fantasy animation from the creator of The Simpsons lacks the quality of his best work.

They provide a way of getting behind the Spock-like exterior, so that you can identify with her a bit. If you enjoy the Scandi-style dramas you are likely to enjoy it.


Series 2 (BBC Four)

The beautiful landscapes feature frequently and quite prominently throughout the series. In view of the ending, interesting! We feel it’s a very good deal, and hope you do too.

I understand that in real life fluent bilingual speakers may express slightly different personalities in the different languages; although I wonder whether this is just an extension of what almost everyone experiences where their personalities change slightly when they are with different groups.

Sadly, it was shown too long ago to see it on iPlayer now.

Why has Nordic noir been such an addictive novelty? The tension between Mathias and the others, especially at the beginning of series one, makes a lot more sense if he doesn’t speak Welsh.

The recently buried body of a young woman is found by poachers. Despite being now being largely funded by the BBC, S4C is still an entirely independent company – albeit they collaborate extensively. In the Welsh-language version he seems more animated and possibly more angry, at times. Hope your will be filled with delicious crime fiction. DCI Mathias and DI Rhys learn that she has been reported missing by her boyfriend having not returned from a trip to visit friends in Manchester.

Be careful if you ipkayer it, because ‘Hinterland y Gwyll ‘ is the English-language version with only a few examples of sub-titled Welsh, whereas ‘Y Gwyll Hinterland ‘ is the Welsh-language version with only occasional bits of English, but with sub-titles in English all through.

Upon inspection the vessel was found to contain five kids who, by the end of episode one, had started dying from pneumonic plague. According to The Guardian newspaper each scene was recorded first in English then again with Welsh dialogue, since not all the crew spoke Welsh. The best of the series for me, and yes, not a comfortable ending at all.

I also just had the thought that the bilingual and Welsh-only versions may not be entirely indentical, with subtle differences perhaps. The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted epieode these two programmes clash… Set those recorders now — neither should be missed! About life in wartime Berlin and cat and mouse game between a man who is anti-Hitler and a Gestapo inspector.


In the all-Welsh, it seemed a bit odd that Mathias, an outsider newly arrived from London, would be speaking Welsh.

If these are geo-blocked for you, many clips are available on YouTube epispde searching for ‘Y Gwyll’ for the Welsh language version or ‘Hinterland’ for the bilingual version. According to Wikipedia, Richard Harrington the actor grew up in Merthyr Tydfil, which is, I believe, a lower percentage Welsh-speaking area.

Looking forward to both of these. There is actually a countdown clock on their website: Related Content You may also like. None of your all nicely tied up solutions, all in keeping with the series. There are some sequences where locals have spotted that they rush into one building, then cut to an interior scene in a different building, and then cut to them running out of a third one.

Although he was only newly arrived from London, Mathias the character is Welsh and able to speak Welsh.

BBC One – Hinterland, Series 1 (full length), Episode 2

You are commenting using your WordPress. I suspect the only way to get the S4C Welsh-language version with both English and Welsh hinterand distributed would be if a significant number of people lobbied the Hinteerland Government to request they subsidise it as part of their Welsh language support. Maybe with Police forces, it boils down to if it’s a big enough force it largely doesn’t matter so long as real people aren’t implicated in story-lines?

The story of the postcards is based on a true case by the way, which I think does give the narrative extra power.