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Archived from the original on 22 September Two pairs swapped, eviction twist confirmed”. Day 73 Episode 52 The housemates react to David’s eviction. Throughout the series several contestants were given opportunities to win part of the prize money. Retrieved 13 August Mornings host Sonia Kruger shows off her incredibly toned figure in a wrap dress at Sweet Charity opening”.

Day 53 Episode 41 Lawson and Skye are not seeing eye to eye. Big Brother Australia Daily Recaps. So BB should give him chicken flavour noodles next. Archived from the original on 22 September Also located in the backyard is a treehouse — where Housemates can gossip — for the very first time. The season ended on 26 November , lasting 80 days.

For fucks sake Priya, I’m 5 minutes into the episode and I’m sick of hearing your episodez voice. Channel 9 had a three year contract for BBAU and this is the end of their third year. David, Priya, Ryan, Skye Most votes out of 9. Leo, Penny, Ryan, Skye Most votes out of 5.

Apparently, Aisha and Trav are lip-smacky noise makers but the other couple is quieter. Then oriental and so on ’til Leo begs to go!

I was calling her Iago. Lawson Fewest votes to save out of 9. Day 38 Episode 32 A power play bbsu nominations.

Day 39 Episode 33 Drama following this week’s nominations. How to mark spoilers: Penny’s convinced she’s going home tonight, but I wouldn’t be shocked if she advanced another day.


This episoeds of live information follows Nine’s decision not to offer live camera feeds online after it rebooted the series, believing it did not meet in with their family-friendly rebranded series. Generally you’ll get away with showing more skin here than america but europe still winsbut Channel 9 have decided to go with making the show “Family Friendly” despite it’s later timeslot this year.

The women from each pair had to sit with their backs to their partner, wearing headphones to ensure they could not hear anything.

Big Brother (Australian season 11) – Wikipedia

This involved someone putting another person forward who they thought would be an ideal candidate for the show. And now the waterworks. Bbak lost to Jake as she only got one person behind her Priya and Jake had everyone else [18].

They all knew there was no chance she’d win.

Big Brother Australia: Week 7 (Episodes 37 to 39) RHAP-up

Archived from episoees original on 3 April It is the shortest Big Brother season to date. On 8 Marchdetails of open auditions for this season were revealed to be taking place in: Since Dion was his partner in the House, Dion had to join him in the fish bowl. Big Brother official site. She does it involuntarily. It began on 8 September [1] on the Nine Network.


Sorry to burst your bubble but intruders make it to the final week all the time. If you are not watching live, this thread WILL contain spoilers. Day 5 Episode 5 Katie and Priya settle on their food budget. Im getting a bit annoyed at the drama and crying but they havent been sleeping well.

Priya, Ryan, Skye Most votes out of 4.

Views Read Edit View history. Day 43 Episode 34 Cat and Lawson are exposed. Day 24 Episode 21 Leo enters the house; 7 are nominated. Could also go to a different channel. I don’t think it’ll come back next year.

It’s ONE day without proper food. If you’re watching live, consider sorting the comments by “new” instead of “best” or “top” to see the newest posts. The show’s renewal was confirmed by the Nine Networkwho air the show, at the end of the previous season’s finale.