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Sengoku Planet Ran Big Battle!! The TV Series — Bashin is a year-old who is very passionate about Battle Spirits, though this singularity of mind often makes him oblivious to the people around him. She is a victim of Bashin’s enthusiasm, as he often is too absorbed in Battle Spirits to pay attention to her. Kiano is Finnish in descent and in the past was part of a masked battler duo with his sister. While not a chosen battler until very late in the series, she knows about the pyroxene stones through J and Okyou and becomes a part of Bashin’s circle of friends. Kirari Kiseki no Kecchaku!

Shounen Gekiha Dan — Inuyasha: Retrieved from ” https: Lelouch of the Re;surrection Mobile Suit Gundam: A comic entitled Training! He lives with his parents, sister Kyouka, and pet cat Okyou, but his father is often busy. December Sky Accel World: Bashin and Meganeko’s elementary school teacher. Due to this, he quarrels with J and J also joins the Thousand Spirits group as a result.

The 08th MS Team: In episode 33 he is shown to have joined the Thousand Spirits Group. He lives with his parents, younger brothers, and pet parakeet Cap.

Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Version Episode 15

Bashin is a year-old who is very passionate about Battle Spirits, though this singularity episove mind often makes him oblivious to the people around him. Due to his admiration of Kyouka, he joins the Battle Spirits Club, becoming the last baahin needed for it to officially form.


Kyouka uses a variety of colors throughout the show and is given the hexagonal blue pyroxene stone by Card Sensei in episode Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Battle Spirits: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Pailsen Files — Code Geass: Before the green pyroxene stone awakened, Cap was able to speak some phrases, but had no understanding of human words.

Memory of Eden Love Live! He is frequently busy working as head of a large electronics firm.

Pterosaur Legend Code Geass: Non-Stop Rabi Patlabor: Secret of the Kero Ball!? She formerly lived in the same apartment complex as Bashin and frequently babysat him. A Girl in Gaea Banner of the Stars: Suiren reveals her identity to the other pyroxene holders in episode 17, explaining that her image as an idol restricts her from playing a boyish game like Battle Spirits.

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Before Bashin and the others joined, his club was populated by only himself, as all other members were frightened by him. He possesses the oval-shaped red pyroxene stone, which was given to him by his father. Earth Light Turn A Gundam: The Boy with Crystal Eyes Gundam: Sengoku Planet Ran Big Battle!! Bashin and Meganeko’s elementary school teacher.

Loum Arc — Gundam Build Divers: Encounters in Space The Ideon: She takes over working at the Battle Spirits Center when Baito-kun leaves. It has been licensed in China, Thailand, and the Philippines.


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Kaizaban’s Challenge Inuyasha the Movie: Shounen Gekiha Dan — Inuyasha: As she gets friendlier with the other pyroxene holders, her personalities become closer together.

This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Many of the episode titles mix kanji and kana in unconventional ways to create dual meanings or tongue twisters.

Setsuko is very strict about the school rules and tries to prevent the Battle Spirits Club from forming because it could impede studying. The Rising Aikatsu! Bashin’s mother, usually referred to as Mama, who works as a taxi driver.

Meganeko uses a primarily yellow deck, and possesses the sprits yellow pyroxene stone.

The student council president of Baashin Private Middle School. Nanao joined the first incarnation of Team Shomen Toppa when J was Jack Knight, only to remove himself right before the tournament from a lack of confidence, and soon after reveals himself to be No.

Kitan and Meganeko’s pet dog. A Contact The Ideon: After this, she begins to wear contacts instead of glasses and associates with the other pyroxene card battlers.