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When Kaushalya asks Raghav to seek Sagars opinion first, he assures her that nobody could disapprove of Vidya. Hema gets worried because Harsh is to return only two days later. Kaushalya asks Harish and Hema to lend her Rs. On the other hand, Raghav informs Vidya that there were a few members of his family whom she should know about. Hema tells Kaushalya that Sagar is a madman! Meanwhile, Mahua tells Kartik that she would like to get pregnant, so he pretends to be worried about getting a child like Sagar. Sindoora looks at her fathers photograph and asserts that she will never let Vidya enter their house!

Sinha always maintained that their mothers illness was her own doing, Sindoora retorts that Dr. Kaushalya at once realises their ploy. After marriage Vidya discovers the evil intentions of her in-laws. Meanwhile, Sindoora frightens Sagar about death and warns him to always listen to her. Vidya further says that if they were to relocate, then her mother will never be happy because her roots were here. Vidya hails from a poor family but her wedding is fixed with Sagar, who belongs to a rich family. Mahua taunts Vidya about getting lured by money and takes Sagar away. Harish tries his best to make a good impression about Shalu to Raghav and Uma but he is displeased when Uma inquires about Vidya.

Sindoora takes Sagar in the car and when Vidya also heads towards it, Sindoora asserts that Vidya will not accompany them! However, Vidya has no medicine to show, so Hema drags her out of the house and calls out to the neighbours. This content is for Adult viewing only. He is about to talk about Sagar when Uma and the others return home.

Uma hears the children call out Vidyas name and she recalls it scribbled in the list of eligible girls given by the priest. On the other hand, Radhas parents treat Vidya and Kaushalya with warmth. Sinha always maintained that their mothers illness was her teti doing, Sindoora retorts that Dr.

Hemas daughter, Shalu, too leaves no stone unturned to humiliate Vidya and dumps all the household chores on her. A furious Sindoora orders Vidya to apologise to the guest right away! Meanwhile, Sindoora and her sisters get curious why their father was still etri the temple.


When Sagar falls asleep, Sindoora comes to his 41 with Mahua and says that she can never forget whose son he is! Raghav has a heart attack. Hema scolds Kaushalya, and Kaushalya actually finds some more money later in the shirt.

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann – Episode

Uma too requests her to go ahead as it was her husbands dying wish. Kaushalya asks Vidya later why there were so many differences between the members of Raghavs family. Bamoo the other hand, Raghav is leaving with Uma when he tells her that he wants to see Sagar settle with a nice girl so that he will not remain in Sindooras clutches.

Hema says that she will not punish Kaushalya and scalds Vidyas hand instead! The priest tells everyone at the temple that Raghav is looking out for a bride for his younger son, so all the ladies give their eligible daughters names to him. A man calls out to him as Chote Thakur Landlords younger son.

Mahua informs Kartik that Sagar had married a village bumpkin.

What is Hemas plan? She is shocked to see that he has passed out. Vidya pleads innocence but Sindoora berates her and warns her to reveal where the money is! On the other hand, Vidya arrives at the railway station in Delhi but the chit that has Sagars address flies teeri Cheenu fetches her from the room but Sindoora warns Vidya not to dare move a step ahead!

Raghav pacifies her that its testing times for her and is sure that shell emerge victorious from the crisis. Sindoora episodrs Sagar to go to his room and then taunts Vidya that despite trying to prove herself as a dutiful wife, she got what she rightly deserved!

Kaushalya apologises to her daughter for her mistake. Sindoora and her sisters humiliate Vidya by saying that the food is too oily and spicy. Hema diverts the attention of Raghav and Uma, and gestures Vidya to leave. Harsh fights with the cop and demands that he also be allowed to go, so the cop orders his men to put him in jail for assaulting him!


She drags Vidya and ddulhan her abnoo a room. Kartik comes there and volunteers to fulfil every need of hers! Sagar threatens Vidya that he will not talk to her if she does not apologise to Sindoora, so Vidya obliges. He takes her hand and teaches her to operate the instrument. Please login to access the content.

Meanwhile, Hema orders Tri to wash Shalus clothes right away, so Vidya goes near the river bank. Uma says that Raghavs first wife had hung herself to death. During the ceremony, the priest asks for Sagars wife to be seated next to Sagar.

Sindoora further mzin that it will also remind Uma that Vidya and she were responsible for Raghavs death!

Episode #1.413

You are not subscribed to access this content. A desperate Uma relents and tells Sindoora that only her orders will be followed at home.

On the day of the wedding Vidya finds out that Sagar is mentally unstable. Sindoora looks at her fathers photograph and asserts that she will never let Vidya enter their house!

The boy turns out to be Raghavs nephew Cheenu Manish Naggdev. One of the women taunts Uma that she had got a shrewd daughter-in-law! Harshs goon breaks the medicine bottle. Chandra gives childrens clothes to Sagar brought by Kartik, and he wears them excitedly. Chandra comes to mqin kitchen just then and sends the cook away.

Meanwhile, Sindoora and her sisters make arrangements for people to come and see Dklhan for the first time. Sindoora walks away in a huff. Hema drags Vidya back home and berates her.