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One part of him wanted her to get entrapped in his love but the other part was protesting, partly because he had some conscience pricking him for using her and partly because he did not want to succumb to the growing atraction and let go control over himself. He really loved and cared for the woman. She apologised when she knew she had made a mistake. Will Madhu have the patience to teach the guy a lesson or will he have to figure it out on his own? I never go into BS threads these days, there is usually too much drool there for my taste: It looks like he is putting an effort in to hosting. But then she suddenly forgives Dev because she thinks Maan would want his family happiness – See that is where I have problem of watering down Geet’s character. The challenge suited him fine because it would placate his ego to know that Madhu was willing to give up everything for him.

Now we hear that Geet might forgive Dev. She fights for her rights with Maan and Maan is not a stuck up arrogant person like Arnav. Arnav and Khushi Mere rang main rangane wali vm: EK would have done exactly that. He is the darkest hero we have seen. Would Shyam not have told her that Arnav had found out about them? Smart, slim and personalized. And that hair dressing thing

D ab aage age dekna hai hota hai kya She was titled the 3rd Sexiest Asian Woman Alive.

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Again, really sorry haan for spoiling the blog atmosphere, will stay out of venting, like you said no use, better to let go: He knew her mom was a strong woman.

P and that knuckle cracking i do it myself: Generally, from my limited knowledge of heroes — we only see two types — the boring spineless saint like the guy in the wick and the lamp story or we have the anti hero who turn overnight into saints — I remember one serial where this girl was married to a goon and he turned around!! And by then everyone would have forgotten his misbehaviour like the terrace scene was forgotten. Balika Vadhu is One of the more famed and common Indian serial.


B She had loved the guy so much?

A fb is shown, Nimboli is made to climb on the temple stairs as a part of ritual. Geet I don’t think forgave Dev till she knows that Dev is Maan’s brother some one correct me here I was watching this show on FF mode in between. I just feel they could have done even this stretched torment bit so much more bqlika, keeping the dignity of the girl intact.

I for one did not want a revenge track but once RK did what he did, am so glad it was revenge and not some stupid noble reason.

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If file is multipart don’t forget to check all parts before downloading! Rashid is both so for me it is poetic justice that he is in jail.

You need to myeeuniya the app and install it on your device. That is what I posted in the IF interview above. He does these things for her, even opens up to her and tests her love If it was pure revenge where he had unknowingly fallen in love with her and is realising it only now, many things are unexplained.

I don’t know if anyone has seen this post. So he was conflicted by his need to re-establish his control over himself and her and his growing attraction towards her.

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Nandini of Surya Uday hospital. I was expecting hard core redemption, remarriage and blast from past and nothing that was promised was delivered here too. The cruel bit really gets me riled up. Again, sorry for coming on too strong. I am writing a separate post fopr Geet below.


Now If you look at the appearance, she is wearing the same tight fitting suits, hairstyle, bag on the shoulders just like Khushi. D I have only questions for you. So remain in touch with us to receive study very first Balika Vadhu serial created episode for your working day 25th April Why did you let him off so easy?

From Jaya, from the previous post – it got swallowed up in the comment ceiling. Though Gul is not mean like me. Hopefully Gul will learn from her mistakes – seems she already is As of now i feel TV can wait, as it is nothing exciting is happening for male leads in the TV.

True what you said, i think i too will let it go now, no use of us breaking heads actually. The rest of the marriage up untill the GH scene where he looks at the stars Rejection and conflict can be threatening, in the sense that they create pain—and no nyeduniya likes pain.

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During the entire post forced marriage track ASR was plain reactive and not proactive. But she does end up making the heroine and the audience fall in love with him. It was all an act. Such a shining example for the dumb hero to emulate!