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The evil Mechtogan easily defeat the opposing Bakugan with a single blow, and when everything seems lost, they combine to form the deadly Mechtavius Destroyer. Shun gets angry, and says he doesn’t need a break. Taylean is on Zoompha while Shun is thinking. In the Cafe in Bakugan Interspace, Shun is trying to relax a little. He then lectures him that he didn’t change while he went to New Vestroia and then asks him to come with him. The next morning, Ben of Team Anubias challenges Dan to a battle. Once he broke free from the vines, he went to find a way to escape from Wiseman’s base.

Mag Mel tells them that the reason Drago’s powers haven’t been mastered is because each Brawler and Bakugan have a connection code. Spectra explains that Helios’ next evolution required an attribute change. Drago’s Revolutional attack then goes up against Zenthon’s lasers but Zenthon is unable to take it but Anubias’s Iron Dragonoid and Venexus continue to attack Titanium Dragonoid. Later, when Dan says to Drago that he should finish it, Drago summons Mechtogan Zenthon but Marucho and Shun were worried that Zenthon might destroy the place and also the Brawlers too. Deezall, Rockfist and Miserak. After saying this, Mechtavius Destroyer vanishes alongside the Nonets and Wiseman, leaving the Brawlers in big trouble. Andrew Craig as Rafe. Then Anubias senses Dan’s arrival as he and Drago, arrive back to assist Spectra and the rest of the Brawlers as the chaos continues.

The Chaos Bakugan come after them and Rafe doesn’t know what to do, wishing that Marucho and Shun were there to help them. Meanwhile, Balista finds a secret door and ends up finding the real Gunz being unconscious and tangled in vines of some sort.

He also summons five different attributed Razen Titans to the five biggests cities on Earth to drill holes into the Earth’s core which will result in the Earth blowing up. Anime Cast Jul 12, After that Dan arrives with Amazon and Dan manages to snap him out of it, causing Drago to also fully gain control of his powers and making Mag Mel and Razenoid lose their connection with Dan and Drago.

The Battle Brawlers must find a way to control Code Eve’s powers, with the help of some new allies, or else this new threat could threaten all Bakugan everywhere.


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Stacey Depass as Bakumeter eps 18, Computer Voice eps 16, Zbigniew Konopka as Aranaut eps 17, 19 Nurzak eps 17, Zenthon 10 episodes eps 14, Ben says, to not mention him again and as Robin declares that Anubias is gone, and that they are on their own now. Marucho then arrives, and tries to tell Shun that he is battling way too much and suggests a break on Earth.

As he comes to help, she reveals that she tricked them and turns into her true form. He then lectures him that he didn’t change while he went to New Vestroia and then asks him to come with him.

Meanwhile, in the Doom Dimension, the Nonet Bakugan wonder if Coredegon and the Mechtogan were victorious against the Bakugan, and they decide to ask Worton, but he tells them to be patient.

Unlike a property like Naruto or One Piece’s relatively stable, often episodi Drago says that he wants to try a round with Zenthon. Sellon then carries him and teleports back to Mag Mel’s Castle. Jaakor aids Shun in battle and was able to take on Spatterix and Stronk.

After that, he then goes to New Vestroia. America Bwkugan Month Jan 25, Rob Greenway as Anubias. Dan then remember the phrase from the woman that they fought on New Vestroia before. That’s not all, the Brawlers are still 1 with their new partners, like the rockin’ hardcore ninja tag team of Shun and Ventus Jaakor.

Shun tries to stop Dan from trying to save Anubias as he would get absorbed as well, but Dan goes anyway and is unable to do anything as Mag Mel is too strong for Anubias and he is consumed by Mag Mel. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is having trouble during the battle against the Chaos Bakugan and Marucho wishes that Dan was here. Meanwhile, the Battle Brawlers are analyzing the recollected data about the Nonet Bakugan, the evil Mechtogan, the stolen Battle Suits, and Wiseman himself, but they don’t have enough information, so they decide to look for information from anyone they can ask.


Rafe says that he wanted to be like them after watching them battle against the Gundalian forces but episoode that they need to help them. Everyone is happy, but suddenly, Drago’s Gate appears and is changing color from light episkde dark constantly. Smasheon then gets defeated by Zenthon and Venexus gets easily defeated by Zenthon Titan.

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge (TV)

The episode begins, with Dan battling two Subterra and Darkus brawlers in Interspace with Marucho and Shun observing the battle. With a single blast, Dragonoid Destroyer destroys Mechtavius Destroyer epusode good, preventing the dark future that the Brawlers had seen while in the Current of Time.

Wiseman does so and presumably kills Balista in the process. Anubias then states that he will not be participating in the competition.

Dan then sees that the arena is almost completely destroyed and is shocked by the huge amount of tremendous power Drago has displayed. He had been using Dragonoid Destroyer as a vessel to speak to them. Radizen then fuses with Roxtor and is able to defeat them in battle. When they arrive there, they receive a message from Nurzak, who has become the first Prime Minister of Gundalia. Later, two Gundalian guards confront them. The Gundalian Soldiers don’t trust Dan because he has a link with Mag Mel but Dan says that he can be trusted and Ren assures with a little bit of doubt.

Meanwhile, the Brawlers learn of Wiseman’s hideout and they head mechtnaium to take down Wiseman for good. Finally, they unite into Aeroblitz and defeat Gliderak.

Marucho vows to defeat them to get rid of the violence which leads to flashbacks of Bakugan using BakuNano. Mechtavius Destroyer then tells the Nonets that he will destroy them and absorb their baiugan for himself, and that they will become a part of him.

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