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Dan offers to go with them to Gundalia, but she and the Brawlers say no; however, Dan said he has to go because he’s the original brawler and this fight involves him too. The battle between the Brawlers and Wiseman goes smoothly until Wiseman dismisses the Nonets again and summons the evil Mechtogan, where the Brawlers tell their Bakugan to combine, a fierce battle begins as Betadron tells the Nonets to chant evil thoughts about destroying Drago, this powers up the Mechtogan. They then head through a Dimension Portal but at the end, there is an electrical shock which makes them have a very hard landing. Examples include Killers, Knight and Day, Mr. Luckily Kato finds another teleporter that is still intact and sends it to Marucho. Spectra was really disappointed and sad about Dan’s attitude and decides to leaves the Brawlers temporarily. After Dan refused to sign a few autographs, and says hello to his fans, Anubias challenges the so called “big shot” to a brawl.

If the player one of them, Ill be rewarded with more Zoints to further clear the game. Dan then remember the phrase from the woman that they fought on New Vestroia before. Created by Spin Master and Sega Toys. You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register. On March 4,, Corus Entertainment announced that they would buy Astrals stake in Teletoon, the purchase was in relation to Bell Medias takeover of Astral. The Brawlers leave Interspace and reflect on the state of Bakugan Interspace.

As the current is about to get very strong, the Brawlers’ memories were seen, including Betadron, who sees the fate of the Nonets when they were crushed by Mechtavius Destroyer. However, he is more determined than ever to put a stop to the chaotic battling when Mechtogans are allowed in battles and Shun decides to enter the Battle Royale to stop them. Rafe and Ben use their BakuNano and attack each other.

He is astounded that Drago has that sort of power and tries to absorb more energy from Drago and he begins to break free.


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Marucho and Shun then send out Trister and Taylean to stabilize the arena until Drago calms down. However, Shun instead welcomes Dan back to the team, returning to be the leader of the Brawlers and counting with the support of Marucho and Spectra, who returns to Vestal mechtaniumm his ship.

Wavern then asks who Code Eve is and they explain who she is. The groups then fight and defeat Sellon and Anubias.

Dan leaves saying that Aerogan is now Runo’s problem, much to her annoyance. Paige joins in but then a beam from Hyper Pulsor comes and attacks them. They epiode focus to try to summon Zenthon and they are successful.

She also says that the guy from before, Anubias, was also a servant but does not reveal his identity either and Dan was shocked.

However, Dan and Drago are unsure because they may lose control of their powers again.

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge (TV)

eurge Mira then enters, saying she has finished the Battle Suits but before finishing explaining about their Battle Suits she faints but Dan catches her. The Minigames in the game includes the game where the player must tap the touch screen in the right time to jump mecutanium to collect the balloons. Gunz then throws out Betadron, Kodokor, and Mutabrid who plan on combining as well but are shot down by Mechtavius Destroyer before they have the chance.

However, Dan and Drago are unsure because they may lose control of their powers again. Kyle McDonald as Vulcan ep In the Cafe in Bakugan Interspace, Shun is trying to relax a little.

The Brawlers leave Interspace and reflect on the state of Bakugan Interspace. Runo then breaks up the fight. However their rivalry is interrupted by a sleazy dealer named Dylan who tries to get them to buy his stuff and cause both teams to leave.


After Marucho turned over administrative duties to the system, Bakugan Interspace became nonrestrictive and allowed characters like Dylan to enter. Various aboriginal peoples had inhabited what is now Canada for thousands of years prior to European colonization. Wiseman shows up to ruin the park with Spatterix and Stronk. They head to a stadium where Wiseman meets them. They then convince Zenthon to get up and they then become all synchronized with each other. However, the residual energy created from them caused an outburst of energy which not only destroys them but Razenoid absorbs it to become bigger and stronger.

The term poltergeist is a German word, literally a noisy ghost, wraith is a Scots word for ghost, spectre, or apparition. She tells them they have to help the Brawlers and get back in sync. Gunz then throws out Tremblar.

After they arrive, the Brawlers found out that was a hologram, while the real Wiseman electrifies Runo and Kato to steal three Battle Suits. The Brawlers successfully take them down with their brand new BakuNanos that Rafe gave them but Team Sellon’s Bakugan come out of nowhere, alongside another bunch of Chaos Bakugan.

The other battlers start to lose hope and it begins to rain in Interspace. He then summons six Mechtogan: The battle begins with the Brawlers summoning their Mechtogan, Dan and Drago with the addition of Rapilator defeat the first one, and Shun summons Faser Titan to defeat another mecthanium.

Dan then remember the phrase from the woman that they fought on New Vestroia before. One group distracts the Chaos Bakugan while the other tries to round up the remaining battlers. Mag Mel is then seen getting massive amounts of Chaos Energy.