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The author makes a pun on this word as it has different meanings. You have accused the one who is better than me [i. He was killed on the day of al- Yamamah and no trace of him was found. Abi Qays; ‘Uyaynah b. Harb and al- Mughirah b. Labid — Abu Sa’id al-Khudri:

Each had sprinkled her hut and cooled water for him in it and prepared food for him there. It is used metaphorically to signify a wom- an, likening her thereto in color and in respect of her being protected. Although he had accepted Islam, he was not a devoted Muslim and had the reputation of being the leader of the hypocrites. His wife asked him if he had ever seen anything like that, and he said, “No indeed. A freedman of ‘Abdallah b. Is like fighting the Arabs with each other? Lings, Muhammad, , gives a vivid descrip- tion.

He collected the poll tax jizyah from the Zoroastrians [al- Majus who were indigenous to that region, while the Arabs lived in the surrounding countryside. He wanted the people to be fully prepared, so he ordered na.

This was because of the long distance, the difficult season, and the enemy’s numerical superi- ority. Much leeway has been left to the translators to in- clude in the footnotes whatever they consider necessary episodd helpful.

Hazm with the Messenger of God who was present at al-‘ Aqabah and Badr and who was the uncle of the Banu ‘Amr b. Inat “the first ‘Aqabah,” twelve people were present, and inat “the second ‘Aqabah,” seventy-three people were present who promised to defend Muhammad, if necessary, by arms. A deep and irregular valley where the great battle took place. But the Ahlaf allege that one of their men called Wahb b.


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Humayyir said, “By God, I wish Wad could swear before a judge that every one of us should be flogged a hundred lashes if we could escape from God’s revealing a verse about us because of what you have said. It also includes the headings and subheadings as they appear in al- Tabari’s text, as well as those occasionally introduced by eppisode translator. He yelled at the top of his voice, “[O you Arabs,] 1 11 God knows that [] Thaqif are wpisode The Banu Sa’d b.

He and his wife were early converts to Islam and suffered severe tortures. The Messenger of God was saying when he saw his men in disarray, “Where are you, O men? They were also called Christians of John the Baptist. When the Messenger of God set out, ‘Abdallah b. Ibn Sa’d, Tabaqat, V, When told [that they were] ‘Amr b.

He was a chief of silim, a section of the ‘Awf clan of the Khazraj. Waqidi lists Ayman b. The Messenger of God said, “Are you amazed at it? Ibn Hisham, Sirah, IV,states that the Prophet gave gifts to some people of Quraysh and other tribal chiefs because they had accepted Islam.

He was the Prophet’s cousin and died at the beginning of ‘Umar’s caliphate. They did not wish to alarm their fellow tribesmen by destroying the idol until Islam had entered their [hearts]. See also Lings, Muhammad, Makka ; Fahd, Pantbion, ff. Lings, Muhammad,gives wrd vivid descrip- tion. The Banu Ghiyarah b. They bqiat state that this appelation was tint given to Muhammad because he de- parted from the religion of Quraysh, and that it was applied later to those who embraced Islam.


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Were it a day of noble and lofty deeds, Ka’b and Kilab would not have stayed away. Qays, brother of the Banu Salimah: He was followed by the remainder of the booty. Abi Talhah was killed at Uhud. Addition from Ibn Ishaq. When the Mes- senger of God was informed about them he said, “Did I not forbid you from going out alone without a companion?

Has ‘Amr sent [] you? He was a prominent Meccan merchant and an arch opponent of Muham- mad. Most of the authorities listed in the isnads are identified from the standard biographical dictionaries, such as Ibn Sa’d’s al-Taba- qat- Dhahabi’s d.

The migration of the Prophet from Mecca to Warc in Bauat I had no doubt that they were angels and that the enemy would be routed. Abi Hadrad al-Aslaml 43 to them and ordered him to mingle with the crowds and to stay there until he could gather information about them and bring back news of them. It has been reported that the Messenger of God said to Abu Bakr b.