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Some of the shots between A Love to Kill and Padam Padam are eerily similar, like the underwater scene. And Jin and the doctor he is so nerdy and the glasses? Totally loving the show. Can’t wait for next week Joon-sung calls Eun-seok out for a meeting to discuss the scandal. When you variety shows or talk shows, they often talk about things maknae are suppose to do, and about the hyungs yelling at them for mistakes or forgetting to do things I was initially drawn to this series because of how dark it seemed to skew, and because a love story set in the background of revenge sounded epic at the time.

TV Drunken to Love You. Do I look that easy to you? Bok-gu, too cool for school, ignores the problem even as the girl in red sheds tears. Baek Sung Hyun Cameo. Painter22 October 6, at 6: He gets worked up over one comment, and looks to see what the handle is. That’s like saying all Americans are arrogant, and all Britons are pansies. Thanks for the jog down memory lane!

But dramscrazy I go back and try to rewatch it, I can definitely understand why some people don’t like it. He rushes down, hampered by having to use crutches to keep up appearances, and finds her…. Episodes by LollyPip. And I’m not saying any of this because I’m a Rain fan either.

Unfortunately, Joon-sung finds out about the video through one of the French investors. She agrees to do so, and turns to go, but he stops in his tracks when he hears her ringtone.

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Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Once I loved her, I couldn’t hate her. This brings me back to the beginning few episodes of City Hall.

Even when they encounter a group of gangsters at a hostess club is Da-jung a pimp too? What’s more, I discover a beautiful Kim Sarang. Teaser 3 – 34 sec: Dear Girl Friday and Java Beans, I just don’t know what to say to convey my gratitude to both of you.


So this recap was a pleasant suprise and i wish you would recap the last episode as well so i would feel like i’ve sort of. A kind man sitting across the table slides his half-empty glass over, and she thanks him drunkenly. God, I’ll never forget it, it scarred me for life.

She totally calls him out on being a fakey fakerson, and starts shouting out the truth for the reporters to hear. I dislike the bad boy attitude, to American, and I need Korean style of bad boy.

In hindsight, he was probably devouring the remnants of the food particles left on her mouth. I think watched the first episode of this ages ago and hated it.

This is a man determined to get what he wants, but what he wants at this point is not love. This is a one-off first episode recap, not an ongoing recap series. I love Rain and I tried, but I can’t do melodrama.

I bet you anything that he totally authorized it because of that. Anyway, along the way, this definitely was a drama to forever turn me into a K-drama addict, despite or because? Badd ‘ Drunken to Love You ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.

While You Were Sleeping

The first and second episodes were really hilarious and i also want to watch it again. One tiny opening sequence and I was hooked just based on potential. By the way, sorry for the off-topic, HeadsNo2, but maybe someone here knows the name of the actor that KSA dated 3 times in “My Lovely Kim Sam Soon” and HB always interrupted in the middle and ruining the dates for them?

Thanks for the recap. She thanks him for answering the call and tells him to check out the episode since it should be fun. Here he looks so amazing. But after your recap maybe I’ll give it another chance if only for the fun of the drinking game.

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No joke, he really is a professional loser. He watches from a distance as she cries alone, waffling back and forth on whether or not to go over to her. This is such a Korean thing. I need my BL and 49D dose D Can’t wait till Ae-jung becomes more famous again and can rub it in Se-ri’s face.


And the soundtrack, I love the soundtrack! This entire paragraph was awesome. Love your writing style. Like everyone out there, I could not make sense of the ending.

I’m just dying of curiosity here since you guys haven’t or didn’t rate City Hall, does anyone know whether this ladies seen CityHall? I’m sorry, but I have to ask. Page 1 Page 2 Next page.

But I don’t think it was just revenge for his brother – I think it was for himself, too, because it killed him to lose his brother all those years before, and he was so happy to get him back – and then to immediately lose him again, because of what he believed to be her fickle heart?

I am also looking forward to the reality show parodies.

Drunken to Love You

I can enumerate all the points against this drama while still having that one all-encompassing embarrassing fact remain: HeadsNo2, thanks for the recap. If I want ten billion won, will you still buy me? Your dissection of BoKgu’s motive in your statements above, was spot on. He was very good. MsSampong March 14, at 4: This is the drama that got me to love Bi and also Shin Min Ah, I have always liked her but she was just exceptionally gorgeous here and she made such a good couple with Bi.

Thank you for recap. My only consolation was Kim Sung Soo, such a beautiful guy!