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She helps him and lays her head on his back, wishing that the moment would last forever. He picks up a metal shared and stabs Toya in the leg with it. Kagami calls Aya to taunt her about Yuki, and tell her Yuki’s power surge was caused by her being injected with Aya’s blood. They take her to the infirmary. This page was last edited on 20 February , at Yuhi goes to see Toya and tells him that he’s taking Aya away, as he promised before. Aya asks who he is, but he says he has no memories of his own except of the names Toya and Mikage. Burial Naisho no Tsubomi Tegami Bachi:

The chief dies on the boat after everyone else gets out. He cuts the Mikage collar from his neck, then uses the dagger’s unique properties to destroy the door. The Progenitor captures Ceres on her way to reunite with her long-lost celestial robe. As he makes his threats he collapses due to lack of sleep and hunger, as Aki had not eaten or drunk anything for a few days as he struggled for control. Aya cuts her hair on an impulse. Aki orders Kagami’s men to drug her and take her to the lab, while he goes on ahead. The first three novels each tell a side story of one of the characters; the last novels contain a three-part sequel to the main story. In the morning, Suzumi tells Yuhi and Aya that Aya is a tennyo , an angel or celestial maiden.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aya is put in wnglish truck and driven over to the lab. The doctor gets angry at Yuki for being unable to fight Ceres. Wei recovers before he and Aki can escape.

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The Progenitor finds the new celestial robe and literally merges with it becoming the original Mikagi. The process took ten days, hence Toya’s name “tenth night”. The celestial robe is fully re-created and Ceres goes to reunite with it. She tells him not to interfere, because she doesn’t want to hurt him as he is not a Mikage.


He promises he doesn’t want to kill her, then leads her to a room claiming he wants to talk. Shota catches himself and is able to pull himself back up. Yuhi goes to see Toya and tells him that he’s taking Aya away, as he promised before.

They stay and find work in Niigata. Aki volunteers to open the box instead.

Ayashi no Ceres Episode 1 english dubbed | Ayashi no ceres

Looking at the mummy he says this is just her empty shell and demands to know where his woman, Ceres, is. This article needs additional citations for verification. Alone in his room again, Toya confesses to Aya that he has been scared all this while, but now he’s found his own secure place.

Kagami calls Aya to taunt her about Yuki, and tell her Yuki’s power surge was caused by her being injected with Aya’s blood. A furious Yuhi arrives and orders Toya to get away from Aya.

The opening theme, “Scarlet” is performed by Junko Iwao and used to open all twenty-four episodes. Crying, he tells Toya go without him, as he cannot see Aya the way he is now, and gives Toya the letter he wrote to her. She finds out that he is dead. Yuhi and Aya suspect it is part of the C-Project.

He is about to return the celestial robe to Aya, but sadly this means that he will become a complete human being.

Ceres emerges from within Aya and tries to attack the doctor controlling Yuki, but Yuki stops her, begging Ceres not to hurt him.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Yuhi says he doesn’t need a family, since he was abandoned, but Aya cries at him for saying such sad things. As Aki wonders what that was, Toya arrives.


Ayashi no ceres episode 1 [ENGLISH SUBBED]

The sight of the relic inflicts scars on Aki once more, the mark of the Progenitor himself, who had been slashed to death by Ceres. Ceres reappears and flies to Tokyo.

Aya begins to cry, remembering her father’s death. Aki returns to himself when Kagami touches him, leaving Aki upset at what he had done. Shuro Tsukasa- a famous pop singer from Okinawais One of the descendants of another celestial maiden who took revenge on the Mikage for the death of her cousin- her singing partner. Aya abruptly changes into Ceres, who announces that Toya and Aya have seven months to find her celestial robe, episodf she will kill all of the Mikages’ including Aki.

Aya returns, and she promises she will stop the C-Project, and that she will rely on Ceres to help her from now on. Ceres, Celestial Legend is the third manga series written by Yuu Watase. As Yuhi reaches the room, it explodes and he sees Aya transform into a dark blue-haired, golden-eyed woman who says that she is the celestial maiden who had descended from Heaven, Ceres.

Aya experiences another blur of strange visions, her shirt sleeves rip, and for a moment her eyes change from bright blue to deep gold. Aya struggles to control Ceres’ influence over her and appease her spirit once and for all.

Semishigure Laughing Target Lily C. Aya meets Toya by the sea and tells him that their investigations revealed that the hagoromo at a local shrine turned out to be just a piece of epsode.